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Partly too busy to blog (obvious case of misplaced priorities, that) partly having confused feelings about what to write. For example, and I refuse to link to it, a friend liked and linked to an essay on Facebook claiming that we are much more likely to die at the hands of white American terrorists than Islamic terrorists, and then threw up a bunch of numbers and statistics that were so transparently bad, so egregiously cherry-picked, that I despaired to think that a person with a couple working neurons to call their own could possibly fall for it. (1)  Perhaps John C Wright is on to something? Would not be the first time.

Speaking of John C Wright, almost half-way through Somewhither, and am enjoying it a lot. BUT: a while back, due to the t-shirt-worthy phrases “Make blood loss work for you” and “Disarm, Decapitate, Dismember” (2) occurring in the first few pages, I read the first chapter aloud to my 11 year old, who, as a gamer who whiles away many an innocent hour chopping up monsters and blasting zombies, thoroughly enjoyed it. Mr. Wright cautioned me that I should not continue, that the book was not suitable for someone so young. Right, true, unless you want the kid to never sleep again and want to explain a lot of uncomfortable adult stuff to him – it gets gruesome and alarming pretty fast starting with the second chapter, with enough gore, slaughter and torture to make old-guy me squeamish. Not dirty in any current sense, but plenty of lonely teenage boy angst and blood and vomit and – eewe! But fun. Will review soon.

Also, everything in the news is so depressing. Speaking of not having two neurons to rub together, the Paris Climate Conference would be bitter Dr. Strangelove-level satire – except it’s for real! We are so doomed if these bozos get any of what they’re looking for. I suspect they intend to just ‘move the ball forward’, meaning that they don’t really want anything much to happen yet, since any real steps might shift the attention from the panic they are trying to produce to the actual outcomes of whatever it is they try. Best to leave with some meaningless ‘progress’ having been achieved yet still in a panic-mongering frenzy: See! We all agree we need to Do Something Now! But evil forces keep stopping us! We need to keep panicking! The last thing they want is for people to focus on concrete reality – they lose that battle. They have already lost that battle.

And San Bernadino. A town not too far from where I grew up. And, no doubt, to be excluded from that terrorism study referenced above on the completely rational and objective grounds that it doesn’t fit the narrative.

So, maybe this weekend I’ll get a chance to write a real post.

  1. For example: the time frame chosen for the analysis just happened to be the last 13 years. You mean, since 9/11? So, just exclude without comment the major event in which Americans died at the hands Islamic terrorists from your analysis of Americans dying at the hands of Islamic terrorists? By one year? It goes downhill from there.
  2. I think those are the right 3 “D’s” – don’t have the book in front of me. You get the gist.

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