Most of the stuff you find at a yard sale is junk, even if the owners once thought it cool enough to allow into their home. Once in a while, you might find something cool.

This blog in two words: Random. Catholic.

A few more words: Culture. Religion. Politics.  Science. Philosophy.  Music. Art.   From the perspective of an Old Guy whose major qualifications for offering opinions on anything are:  a lovely and wonderful wife of 25+ years, 5 great kids with whom we still get along fabulously (to their credit, not mine), a suburban life (with mandatory minivan and dog cat) we seem to have accidentally acquired somehow. These things make me what used to be considered a pretty normal guy, but now make me a pretty serious outlier.

I suppose I should also mention I’ve read a lot of books, and have a life-long interest in science, philosophy, and history, and one of those Great Books educations. And an MBA in Finance and International Business – high-end vo-tech, but got to meet some interesting people.  So, if I opine about finance or ancient Greeks, I might know what I’m talking about. No guarantee, though.

email: use yardsaleofthemind “at” gmail “dot” com

7 thoughts on “About”

  1. This looks as good a place as any to let you know you’ve won the 3rd Mostly Annual AoftheA Hot Summer Snark contest!!! Yaaaay! Email me when you get the chance (lgd0708@yahoo.com) so we can discuss when is a good time for you to guest post (cos that’s the prize).

    Congratulations, and thanks for playing.

  2. Liked your comment about St. John’s on Briggs’ post. You must have graduated before my son. I tried to talk my oldest grandchild into looking into St. John’s, but he’s more interested in a job than an education…. ah well, 10 more to go and maybe one or two of them will be a Johnnie.

    1. Thanks. 1981 grad. *10* more to go? Good for you – I’m 7th of 9, my wife is oldest of 11 – we only had 5. So far, we’re running Thomas Aquinas College – Benedictine College – Thomas Aquinas College (planned 2015) – Thomas More College of Liberal Arts (planned 2015) and the Caboose is only 10, so we’ll see.

      I have mixed feelings about St. John’s. $50k/yr to study Great Books? There’s simply no justification for that. But the education is excellent, at least.

  3. Are you a Johnnie? I’m Annapolis ’06. I’m glad I went there before it was $50k and I’m very grateful to have gotten good financial aid. I still took out a fair bit of student loan debt, and while I’ll be very glad when I’m done paying for it, I’ll never regret a penny spent on that education.

    1. Cool! Thanks for reading. Yes, but I’m an old guy – SF class of ’81. It is a great education, and I am grateful every day that I got it. I just worry that the keeping up with the Jones aspect, where St. John’s thinks of itself as a little Harvard, rather than, really, the anti-Harvard, will end up causing true harm. Charging Ivy League tuition when the College is supposed (I fervently hope!) to be different seems a dangerous path.

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