St. Joseph Iconography

Happy, Holy and Blessed Feast of St. Joseph! Moving on from the celebration of some minor saint who is patron of some island somewhere, we reach today the feast of St. Joseph, Most Chaste Spouse of the Blessed Virgin, Terror of Demons and PATRON OF THE UNIVERSAL CHURCH. You know, this guy: This Bulgarian icon … Continue reading “St. Joseph Iconography”

Christian Iconography: Color

Consider these icons, with special attention to the color of Mary’s clothing: Our Mother of Perpetual Help – Cretan, 13th or 14th century. Today, his particular image is found pretty much anywhere there are Catholics. Madonna & Child, Filippo Lippi, 15th century Madonna & Child, Lorenzo Monaco, early 15th century. Modern icon, probably a copy … Continue reading “Christian Iconography: Color”

Christian Iconography: The Basics

Iconographical symbols are natural object and colors with deep, pre-logical meaning. Signs are more conventional carries of meaning, which may or may not use symbols to help bolster the clarity of their message. Christian iconography uses both symbols and signs to get across deep, pre-verbal messages and the specific identity of the persons and events portrayed.

Christian Iconography: Fra Angelico, Annunciation

You might also want to check out Christian Iconography: The Basics. Here is a lovely Annunciation by Fra Angelico, from the Friary of San Marco in Florence: This is one of a set of frescoes, one in each cell in the friary, depicting scenes from the life of Christ and the Blessed Virgin painted in … Continue reading “Christian Iconography: Fra Angelico, Annunciation”

Christian Iconography: Madonna and Child

You might also want to check out Christian Iconography: the Basics. Over on Fr. Z’s wonderful blog, the good father discusses a very interesting aspect of western Medieval and early Renaissance Madonna and Child representations – that the Child Jesus has a habit of grabbing His Mother’s veil or, less commonly, cloak: By Duccio around … Continue reading “Christian Iconography: Madonna and Child”

Holy Thursday Art

A happy, holy and blessed Holy Thursday to all who read this blog and their loved ones. Let’s look at some nearly randomly chosen Last Supper art: Along the east coast of Italy, facing what used to be the Eastern Roman Empire across the Adriatic Sea, there are a number of churches that look east … Continue reading “Holy Thursday Art”

A Few Observations

Yes, I’m crass enough to notice page views. 1. I hope you’re sitting down – detailed posts on Hegelian philosophy do not generate the number of page views one might hope. It’s like people don’t even care. Perhaps the souls of people who don’t view those posts are in a better place than mine – … Continue reading “A Few Observations”

500th Post, Malta, Thanks, Recap

So, almost 4 years since I started, here is my 500th post. Heartfelt thanks to any and all who have stopped by and read any of my scribblings. I hope you found them informative, or at least entertaining. Recap: There have been about 30,000 views, almost all of which occurred in the last 2 years … Continue reading “500th Post, Malta, Thanks, Recap”

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m grateful I have a job which allows me to take care of my family in a style pretty easy to get accustomed to. However, still looking at one more week (at least) of stupid-busy (heavy on the stupid – when you consult, the customer can be unconsciously rude and demanding, and there’s not a … Continue reading “Happy Thanksgiving!”