Round 2: What’s More Foodie?

A. Homemade pastrami on fresh homemade ciabatta rolls, with mustard, sauerkraut, and sharp cheddar?


B. Pulled pork from a beautiful Boston butt off a backyard raised pig, on the same ciabatta rolls, with a homemade Carolina honey mustard sauce?

I mean, c’mon, man. We’re living the good life. More relevant info: actually had a brisket off a locally raised grass fed cow, but there are drawbacks: a huge fatty brisket is kinda what one wants for pastrami, not necessarily a beautiful but lean one off a grass fed cow. Pastrami still remains the best, highest use for brisket, so not a loss by any means, it’s just that – I think – pastrami anticipates a low quality cut, and this was hardly that. No matter – it was fabulous.

We got that lovely grass fed brisket from my daughter’s father in law, and since I was making pastrami anyway, I got a Costco slab o’ beef. Pastrami making is one of those things where, once you’re making any, you might as well make a lot. Brined in a new recipe for me, one including a significant amount of sugar, and it was frankly wonderful. BUT – I went oven-baked, not smoked, because I don’t have a smoker and failed to make arrangements with some people I know who do. It works fine, but I’m going to need to run the side-by-side with a smoker some day…

The grass-fed one was absolutely delicious. But I’m not sure the Costco one, especially the point, was not as good, and more ‘traditional’ – marbled, fat cap, etc. Couldn’t go wrong here.

The Boston butt was about as beautiful a cut of pork I’ve ever seen: lovely red, even marbled. And it cooked up wonderfully.

So, yea.


Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

2 thoughts on “Round 2: What’s More Foodie?”

  1. You’ve enlightened me about so many things. I bet you must have made beer, or wine, or something at some point, right? When are you going to distill your own whiskey?

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