Talking ‘bout the Weather, with a brief remark on Fahrenheit.

Today will be the 6th straight day of 100F temperatures here in Sacramento. Three of those days hit or exceeded 110F. A couple new all-time highs were set.

Tomorrow it’s supposed to hit 88F. I assume what the locals call the Delta breeze is projected to return.

In San Francisco, under a two hour drive away, temperatures have reached the 80s, but are now back in the 60s and low 70s in accordance with Tradition. Sea breezes have not reached the interior yet, creating that odd phenomenon I’ve mentioned before: a 40F spread on opposite sides of the Berkeley hills. 105F on the inland side, 65F on the Bay side.

Another reason to prefer Fahrenheit: the range is easy to understand in terms of human comfort: if it’s 100F, it’s way too hot; if it’s 0F, it’s way to cold. 50F is reasonably comfortable.

That my story, anyway.

And that is all.


Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

3 thoughts on “Talking ‘bout the Weather, with a brief remark on Fahrenheit.”

  1. Was chatting years ago with our neighbor, she was raised in Glasgow (the real one, whatever imitations we may have on this side of the pond). She didn’t drive, at the time, and still walked even to the shopping center two miles away, but it was a Friday in early December and the weather was getting chilly here and she was showing us the exercise bike she’d acquired for use in the winter. My wife asked, “How cold does it get in Scotland?” The answer, “Oh, about zero.” I interjected, “That’s Celsius, right?” “Yes.” “Yeah, we have a real zero here in Michigan.” Saw her at the early Mass that Sunday morning, the temperature at sunup was 6 degrees (F). So I reminded her, “This is a REAL zero.”

  2. Celsius is a Communist plot. It is known. My only objection to Fahrenheit is that I can’t spell it without looking it up.

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