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Still need to look over the comments and reply – thanks for your patience, those who have inexplicably read my ramblings and even taken the time to comment on them, you’re the best – but, today, there’s a couple bits of covidiocy that need dissemination.

First off, the diligent William Briggs, who, like Socrates, deserves a pension from the polis for his ‘crimes’ rather than getting blacklisted for wrongthink, has analyzed a bit of nonsense masquerading as science – Science!, as we refer to such excretions around here. Chief points:

  • The study is obvious nonsense, if not fraud. (If it isn’t obvious to you, perhaps you don’t really get how science works. No shame in that, there are an infinite number of things worth learning and we are finite beings. The shame is when you can’t spot the obvious nonsense in the unlikely chance you even looked at it, yet claim to be ‘following the science’ or otherwise sneer at those who can and do understand it. Such behavior is loathsome.)
  • It’s from Harvard
  • it has been peer-reviewed
  • It presents no evidence. Instead, it presents model output as if it were evidence of anything beyond the existence of a model that produces output
  • It is, for now, politically useful

Let’s start with the title:

Model-Estimated Association Between Simulated US Elementary School–Related SARS-CoV-2 Transmission, Mitigation Interventions, and Vaccine Coverage Across Local Incidence Levels

Study from the JAMA Network

The first two words tell us we are not dealing with the real world. Instead, we’re dealing with abstractions – “Models” and “Estimates”. These models and estimates come from somewhere, and it is tempting if one knows nothing about models, to suppose they come from somewhere other than the fancies of the model builders. As a man who worked models professionally for 25 years, I can tell you it works like this: you look at the world, take a guess, build a model that embodies that guess, then – and you can’t skip this part – you compare your model output to what actually happens in the real world. Then, you iterate, and if you’re good at it, the newer models output matches ever more closely with what really happens. Then you very carefully say: over the range of real-world observations our latest model was tested against, our outputs have proven useful.

Failing to perform this step of comparing the model’s output to the real world means the model is nothing but an expression of your prejudices expressed in fancy math. The output of such models is only evidence of hubris and ignorance. Or, increasingly, fraud.

This study nowhere compares model output to the real world. It should be obvious that, if you had the required real-world evidence, you would not need the model. You need to claim the model produces evidence precisely because that evidence does not exist! Or, because the evidence contradicts what you’d like to say.

Then, to kick the fantasy into magic flying unicorn land, we add the word “Simulated”. So, “researchers” didn’t research anything, in the sense that they did not go out into the real world and observe, note, or measure anything real, like, in this case, the spread or lack thereof, of the Coof in masked versus unmasked schools. Instead, they created a model. This model includes a “simulated US elementary school” – pause for a moment, and relish the fact that, while thousands upon thousands of elementary schools exist across America, our intrepid researchers are studying NONE of them. Instead, they are studying a simulation – something, again, that they made up.

This is a key example of why I rarely got past the abstracts of the various studies proposed to support the Coof Panic: with few exceptions, these frauds reveal themselves within a few sentences. Here, they reveal themselves two words into the study’s title! If the title was something like: “COVID Spread in Masked and Unmasked Schoolchildren in 400 American Schools” and then the first sentence of the abstract was something like: “Over a 6 month period and using now-current antigen tests of symptomatic children, we discovered that X% more children caught the Coof in 178 American elementary schools where masking was not required than in 222 schools where masking was required.” THEN I would be inclined to read the study, because – follow carefully here – it’s at least possible to find out something real using the implied methodology. If kids show us sick, and you then test them for COVID using antigen tests, it’s at least possible to say something not absurd on its face about the spread of this disease.

But when the very title of the piece precludes even the possibility that any science is being done, you can stop. Why go on? Using the approach here, it’s not even possible that the “researchers” could have come up with remotely scientific, which is to say, anything remotely requiring an honest man’s consent. In fact, this, this, thing requires an honest man to hoist the Jolly Rodgers and put a knife between his teeth, and take immediate remedial action, as it were.

Briggs, with his stronger stomach, actually read the damn thing. He came across these nuggets:

Anyway, there it is, bold as e-girl asking for donations, in “eMethods 2. Sources for Mitigation Ranges” (my emphasis below).

“Interventions in A, plus universal masking (a policy of masking all students and educators/staff): 60-80% assumed effectiveness.”

The interventions in A are “Simple ventilation and handwashing (open windows if present, portable air filters, maintain existing HVAC systems, and regular handwashing): 20-40% assumed effectiveness”.

Did you see the word assumed? Did you see it was used twice?

And did you see the conclusion? “Mitigation measures [such as masking] or vaccinations for students substantially reduced these modeled risks” of “in-school SARS-CoV-2 transmission.”

In other words, our Harvardites began by assuming masks work. They then ran a model which assumed masks work. The model said, as it was told to, masks work.

The Briggs Article

Assume your conclusions, and your “proof” “proves” them. Handy, that, especially when there’s grant money to be had and jobs not to be lost.

Next, I’ve been reading a daily newsletter called Coffee and COVID, which covers the Coof news as it happens. Jeff Childers, who appears to be the chief writer, is witty and trenchant. Once, back in about June of 2020, when it became blindingly obvious that no facts would be allowed to interfere with the desired panic, and that stating the obvious got you labelled a ‘terrorist’, I simply stopped reading the ‘news’. Anything I found out was through links and quotes from the bloggers I follow. With Coffee and COVID, I get a digest I can endure and even, sometimes, enjoy.

C&C uses the terms Narrative 2.0 and the Great Pivot to describe the current attempts of the Weasel in Chief and his sycophants and nerdlings to get out of the bed they made, now that it’s on fire. Crandew, another fine source of information and opinion re the Coof, tends toward an understandably dark take, one I don’t entirely reject nor embrace. Things can and probably will get ugly. The only dispute is over how ugly? And can we do anything about it? C&C takes a more hopeful approach.

So, nobody asked for it, but here goes: my take.

The idea that there are a small number of very wealthy people who want to a) cull the herd, b) control everything and 3) reduce those of us who remain to serfs, is only some sort of wacky conspiracy theory if you don’t read or laugh off what these people SAY and DO. When members of the World Economic Forum write books and articles and give speeches outlining exactly this – what, you think they’re kidding? That it’s all a big misunderstanding? So, I take it as a given that, just as Stalin and Hitler and Mao and Pol Pot existed and did the things they did, with the help and cooperation of many, many people, these men are perfectly capable of wanting to do all that and more, and getting legions of courtiers to follow them. That they say they’re bringing about some sort of Brave New World utopia is the whole point – in their eyes, nothing they do is going too far with such a noble goal. And of course, most if not all of these folks are raging sociopaths, so – all leashes have been slipped. There is nothing such people won’t do.

So, granted that there’s a Team Evil that wishes people like me dead, and that they between them hold the reins to the bit in the world’s economy and in almost all nations, what’s next? The image I just used, where a rider a fraction of the size and strength of a horse can make it do what he wants by means of a small piece of metal strategically placed in its mouth, is the key: All they needed to do is control the gatekeepers. With patience, gaining such control is childishly simple. You don’t go for the takeover directly, you seek to control the committees – hiring, promoting, firing, PR, steering. In business, you will meet some resistance, as there is always going to be some nut who imagines the business is guided by the need to make money; in government and non-profits, almost everybody is willing to hand over the boring and thankless committee work to whoever wants to do it. This surrendering of committees is slow death.

The schools, and especially the teacher’s unions, were taken over this way, starting in the 1920s and completed before 1980 at the latest. The unions in general fell. Ever wonder why so many jobs require a college degree, when essentially the same job used to be performed well by high school dropouts? In one of my first jobs, the older VP was a high school grad who had worked his way up, while all the younger hires, hired into essentially the same jobs the VP had done well enough to get repeatedly promoted, had college degrees. Why?

Why are most government jobs reserved for people with often insane college degrees? Who is on the hiring committees in both academia and the government? College grads? And, since 1980 at least, a college degree means first and foremost that the product has processed by the system. The product, with his degree, has learned that to fail to go along is to fail completely. He is a certified sheep. A Front Row kid, untethered from family, place, or any trace of morality – yet, as a duly certified ‘success’ he is incapable of imagining he is a stooge, a fraud, and empty suit. Behind the smug exterior, an unquenchable rage most often burns. If he didn’t take it out on us, he might explode. We are the enemy simply by being the proof of his insanity – especially when we are happier than he is.

One by one, over and over, every organization with any real power has fallen to the tools, sycophants, and useful idiots of the power mad.

We’ve seen the propaganda. We’ve seen the intimidation. We’ve seen the crushing of dissent. We’ve heard the bleating of the sheep. It’s a done deal, which is what Crandew and his worthy sources and readers see.

Yet – there are cracks. Sociopaths are happy dealing with the ambitious, who will do anything. As Machiavelli said in the Prince, when it is time for dirty deeds, a prince will never lack for men willing to do them. All powerful people are surrounded by ambitious wannabes trying to suck at the teat of power – and they will do anything to get the chance. Thus is has always been.

The problem is Highlander: there can be only one. Eventually, there needs to be a purge. Contrary to what people might think, revolutionary purges are not of enemies, essentially, but of supporters. The H-man gained power partly with the aid of the Brown Shirts, who beat up the commies and anybody else who opposed the Nazi. So, of course, a year after the Enabling Act passed (with the help of the Brown Shirts), their leadership was executed during the Night of the Long Knives. Hitler needed the support of the military, while the Brown Shirt leadership thought they were going to take over the military. So, despite their years of support and help getting Hitler into the position of dictator, they had to go – and they did. As did anyone who was too ambitious and capable in the eyes of the top levels of the Nazi leadership.

Same sort of thing happened in French Revolution and under Lenin in Russia. If you make revolutionary changes, where you are not just becoming the new king but are aiming to change society at its roots, you’re going to need to get rid of anybody with any ideas about maybe leading, especially if they have real-world success in a revolution.

Apply this to our cockroach overlords. At some point, they are going to need to sort out who is in charge for real. You look at obvious tools such as Biden, Newsom, and Trudeau, and it’s impossible to imagine they are anywhere near the inner circle of power. There are hard men, somewhere, within the structure; and for each of those probably 100 men who think they are hard men. There are people who are not nearly paranoid enough. Then there are the useful idiots by their thousands and tens of thousands.

It’s impossible these people can cooperate much longer. The lowlifes running states and health departments, who issue the orders under which people chaff, need to be assured they will survive politically if they keep doing idiot things. Can they be assured? The shift from propaganda to raw power will need to accelerate, because enough people are getting fed up with the propaganda to start making trouble. It’s important to remember that trouble to our cockroach middle management means only things that threaten them. We little people can get as mad as we want, just so long as management is assured nothing will come of it – for them.

The real fun begins when middle managers start getting hung out to dry. Say that reptile Trudeau gets driven from office, that enough people start making the connection between what’s going on in Ottawa and Nazis, such that his betters decide Little Castro is no longer worth protecting. (Not saying this is likely, but bear with me.) If this were to happen, every other tinhorn dictator wannabe – Newsom, Fauci, on down the line – starts taking notes: when (not if) will our cockroach overlords decide I’m expendable?

The psychology of courtiers is such that they can’t give up. Every one of them dreams of being king, works to make himself indispensable, and imagines Sir Richard Rich* is the goal. They don’t think they’ll end up like Wolsey, say, or any one of the French revolutionaries who were calling the shots one day, and having their heads suddenly removed the next. Or the endless stream of Russian revolutionaries marched off and shot if they made a single false move, or merely seemed in the way to someone above them. Nope, not them! They will be the one in one hundred that succeeds! Add in that these are the sort of people who enjoy the failure and sufferings of others – hell, that’s the major perk of the job – and watching the losers suffer and die not only doesn’t cause them to reexamine their life decisions, but gets them off.

Thus, when they see their peers going down, the only option is to try to position themselves to be the one in 100 who survives. History shows that strategy requires a lot of (sometimes literal) backstabbing and betrayal. Our cockroach overlords are playing a game, where they are trying to stay ahead of the next level of management, who would gladly knife them to get ahead themselves. And so on, down the line.

All this gets worse as our cockroach overlords succeed. Once the shift from propaganda to raw power gets far enough, they need less middle management and more Gestapo. The wannabes become at best a useless distraction. The cycle intensifies: as my peers get knifed, how do I stay alive? Who do I need to knife?

Now expand this to a world-wide situation. What seems to be happening is that the worst repression is in the richest countries, and especially in the outlying provinces. It’s brilliantly evil: a New Zealand, an Australia, a Canada are far, emotionally and geographically, from the centers of power, and have long traditions of doing things their own way. These are the kinds of places where real resistance might have the best chance of working. Therefore, they are the most brutally repressed. Control the colonies, as it were, and the homelands are secure.

But the risk to the takeover is very real: lose control anywhere in the First World, and there’s a real risk of resistance snowballing. Then things get ugly for our cockroach overlords, if people get the idea that insects can be crushed.

So are Canadians Saxons, a la Kipling? It appears some have been marched off to the gulags already, after the usual polite way of our neighbors to the north. But is that real? Solzhenitsyn has no kind words for those who allow themselves to be swept up without a fight, and even says they get what they deserve. Well? How is this going to work out?

Yet – I still imagine that the cockroaches in charge have overplayed their hands. Somewhere, hard men, many of them part of middle management, many more not, are piecing things together. Some are realizing their best options are to try to seize power or at least stop the current leaders; many more are seeing that the only light at the end of this tunnel is an oncoming train. The cockroach overlords have to keep all these people in line – while they purge them!

It could get really ugly, and I expect it to. But I can’t see how they can pull this off. Too many centrifugal forces are trying to pull it apart.

Those not into prayer can skip this.

Heavenly Father, hallowed be Your Name! All praise and glory be yours!

Please, we beg You, remember your promise of mercy, the promise You made to Abraham and his descendants forever. Do not judge us as our sins deserve; rather, for Your Name’s sake, for the sake of the Blood shed by your Son, and in the glory and power of Your Holy Spirit:

Forgive us yet again.

Send your angels to drive Satan and his minions from our midst, to bind them and cast them into Hell;

Grant us the grace to endure what we must, and to die to ourselves to live only for You.

Your will be done, in this and in all things.

*Rich clawed his way to very near the top by betraying Sir Thomas More to his death, then proceeded to serve both the Protestant royalty and Queen Mary, for example both destroying and restoring monasteries, torturing and executing both the slightly too Protestant and slightly too obviously Catholic trouble makers, until he, one of the richest men in Britain, died an old man. He was universally despised, but his heirs lived on in luxury for more than a century. THAT’S what middle management dreams of.


Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

26 thoughts on “A Coof Post”

  1. I think the lizardmen are doomed, even without counting the backstabbing and purging and infighting that is very clearly coming.

    It was stupid to break American manufacturing, because American (materialist/consumerist) hegemony and physical might were the best tool to accomplish what they wanted. America was already great at destroying the faith of tens of millions around the world, simply by making the evil look good.

    It was stupid to break American military might, because SOMEONE has to enforce what they want on countries whose populations aren’t as reduced to insanity as most of the West. The Chinese military (and economy) are paper tigers built on a house of cards. Europe is pathetic, except for a few like Poland, who do not have the population, resources, or will to dominate.

    But cockroach overlords are in thrall to powers and dominions who hate those cockroaches every bit as much as they hate everyone else… and enjoy the despair of their servants enormously more than those cockroaches enjoy OUR suffering and despair. Also, the powers and dominions, like those in thrall to them, are very cunning and SMART!, but have serious impulse control issues. Because they enjoy the suffering and pain of others, they break the tools they need to accomplish their goals. What’s the line “oft evil doth evil mar?”

      1. 60% increased rate of deaths among vaccinated in the first nine ish months? Yup. Messy.
        40% increased mortality rate among vaccinated soldiers in the first three months of the “vaccine” rollout? Messy.
        Where we are going? Much, much, much messier. Neural spongification is a scary phrase, and it does appear to be a possiblity. “Balkanization” is a scary word to anyone who has a rough understanding of Balkan history. “Nuclear domestic conflict” should scare even a sociopath… but doesn’t.

      2. A combox I enjoy has all but placed bets on when the first drug company exec gets torn apart by an angry mob. Popular opinion favors this spring, with guesses clustering around mid-May. This started as a sort-of-joke over a year ago, but every week it seems more likely– every now and then it comes up again for re-assessment and each time the date estimates stick tight, and it becomes less of a joke.

  2. Whenever I see study titles, or headlines, that involve “models”– I mentally add “In Legend of Zelda” or something equivalent to every conclusion. It helps put it in perspective. So, you know “model estimates covid spread by vaccination rate in Legend of Zelda” or “Climate model predicts 3-foot sea level rise by 2050 in Kingdom of Hyrule” or “Model predicts 10% rise in heart attack deaths with 5% increase in calorie consumption in The SIMS” Because any time you’re working with a model, you’re in video-game land, not the real world: video-game land is simplified, has far fewer variables, by definition cannot have unexpected events or outcomes, etc.

    So we can fix that headline:

    “Model-Estimated Association Between Simulated US Elementary School–Related SARS-CoV-2 Transmission, Mitigation Interventions, and Vaccine Coverage Across Local Incidence Levels in Minecraft.”

    Now it’s more realistic 😉

    re: Hard men: I do, almost daily, wonder who is actually in charge of BidenAdminInc. Who is the Dick Cheney in this circus. Any guesses? It’s clearly not any of the people out in public doing pressers.

    1. That is brilliant. I also love your point about the impossibility of any real surprises in model-world. If anything truly unexpected come out of a model, it’s a programing problem or glitch. The real world is essentially unpredictable above a base physics level.

      I have no idea who is in charge. If I were a cockroach overlord, I would lay very low until events are much farther along. Some hard people are making lists.

      1. Is Putin his own man? I kind of think he is (even if he is likely a sociopath.) And what is he doing? Supporting his allies against overthrow, building client states, AND LETTING US IMPLODE.
        Even if he wanted to invade the Ukraine (which, given that he nixed the idea of letting several additional small areas in the Ukraine that want to join Russia… actually join Russia… seems unlikely), he can wait the 5-6 years it is likely to be (at maximum!) before the globalist regime implodes. Then he can invade all he wants, and no one would be able to do a darned thing.
        Not that Tapioca Joe would likely do anything anyway, but why would Putin take the risk? He seems pretty patient, which is unusual for a sociopath (if he is one. I don’t know. You can be ruthless and selfish and power hungry without being a sociopath, we shouldn’t forget that.)

      2. All that to say: we can see some of the most powerful people in the world (who might be their own men and not underlings of the real power) doing just that. Hunkering down. Playing to their own audiences, but really just being patient and biding their time.

  3. More and more I am losing my faith in the theory of an organized cabal at the top of things. I now think it is more of a flowering of the awful side of human nature, that is, both selfishness and casual cruelty meted out to others, all made easy, painless, and free of unwanted blowback, through wealth and influence.

    With this in mind, all the time-tested game-theory elements come into play in all the human power relationships. Can one get away with knifing his superiors without getting knifed from below? When and how to make one’s move? How to lie low and stay grey until the big day? What is the follow-on strategy after the first big move is made? How to loop others in to support your moves? There is nothing new or original in any of that. It is the same human game having been played out for millennia. It is all dressed up in modern methods of publicity, mind-control, and surveillance. Same poison, new bottles.

    All of this becomes difficult for an individual to wrestle with. Stand up, so one doesn’t succumb without a fight? Lay low, because the second mouse gets the cheese? Wait for an opportunity, that might never present itself, so one can do the right thing at the right time? How much and in what ways does one help his neighbors without putting himself at risk?

    These things tend to go all-against-all, before they are over, and, at the individual level, how it plays out is largely due to Fate. A dissolving culture increases the randomness and intensity of really bad personal outcomes. People suffer and die in very unexpected and odd ways. The only answer I have to that is to come to terms with yourself and your Maker. Do your best in the most moral and truthful way you can. Control what you can, which are your preps, your own outlook, and the happiness and satisfactions you can find in the shifting foundations of these current times.

    BTW, Joseph, you are getting rather good at posting interesting blog postings that draw out good conversations. Well done.

    1. It is the St. Seraphim of Sarov solution: “Acquire the Spirit of Peace, and a thousand souls around you will be saved.”

      You don’t have any power in the great wide world. Only over your own soul. Work at becoming the sort of vessel God can work through, and then it’s not your power that matters: it’s God’s.

    2. Thanks. I think we’re close to agreeing here: the existence of people who want to do evil I take as a given, as its pretty much has always been a given. Now, are they positioned to succeed? It seems history is much fuller of failures than successes – there a lot more wannabe princes than people who can actually pull it off. Hubris is a killer, as is the unpredictability of men, even perhaps especially courtiers. Such brown nosers are generally as predictable as the sunrise, until they’re not.

      I think there’s a group who believes they are geniuses trying to run things. Can they? I doubt it. Your points about the confluence of societal, moral, and political trends is good – if people had not been ready, eager, even, to fall for this and get in line, our cockroach overlords would not have gotten far.

      As far as actions go, I am hoping to provide a refuge of sorts for my family, if need be, but getting some land out in the sticks and moving there, and seeing how well I can get to know the neighbors and be as self-sufficient as possible. But that’s no guarantee bad stuff won’t find us.

      1. Absolutely. We recently bought 62 acres about as far away from any noticeable urban center as we could mange. Still no guarantees in this life, except God’s mercy, Jesus’s fidelity, and the Spirit’s advocacy. We don’t even know if we will be able to buy the things we want to grow on the land, or build the house(s) we want. But we are called to strive. As my spiritual counselor commented to me (me heavily paraphrasing, because I have an awful memory) “the race of life is not a race with a fixed start and end, but rather a competition with yourself to see how far along the *right* path you can get with what you were given.”

      2. Good plan! Right now, still trying to get the house ready to sell. The net proceeds should allow the purchase of 50 acres in rural flyover country – or 5 acres here in California. Why I’m even thinking of staying here is getting harder to defend…

      3. 100% support leaving California. I lived in the Bay Area (at a Catholic in Name Only College, when I was, you know, not Catholic.) Almost everyone came across as toxic. Every square inch of the towns and cities seemed Fake, ugly, or dirty (or all three.) I can’t imagine it has gotten any better in the last 14 years. And the prices in all three of the mainland Pacific states are insane. My mother’s house appreciated $50K in estimated value in three weeks last year (it didn’t go up for that much the whole time of course, but still.)
        Hey, if you move somewhere with lax rural building restrictions, look at “bardominiums.” They seem a Southern/Southwestern thing, and it is what we are going to do. Very cool looking things.

    3. Don’t know your religious or philosophical outlook, but while I agree that there isn’t a cabal of humans controlling things, once you get used to the idea of demons as self-aware and willful ideas (entities), it really does make sense. The demon doesn’t even have to, himself, do anything after a certain point. He tempts a human with influence with a truly evil idea (the human doesn’t even have to be aware the demon is involved.) The human accepts it AND THEN TEACHES IT to everyone around him to grow his own power/influence/pleasure/etc. and out of zealousness with the new idea. Those humans go on to teach other humans.
      We don’t have to posit demons at every step of the way. Just a few demons at the start, and then with a few nudges along the way to keep things going the way they want it to, and human concupiscence does the rest.

      1. Great explanation, aether. To your point, it is amazing to me the mental gymnastics that individuals often make, to justify a truly unjustifiable position or treatment of another. Part of these modern times is the grinding away of the moral and cultural guardrails that make us answerable to others, to ourselves, and to God. This makes the mental gymnastics so much easier to execute.

        The bad guys have really learned how to make the psychology of crowds work in their favor. In a sense, the duty of any person with a sense of right and wrong is to stand up against these prevailing winds. But to do so, without falling into the same traps and treatments of others as those you disagree with, is so hard. Grace and forgiveness is difficult when one sees the way that innocent people, simply speaking up for the ideals and rights they have always been taught were part of being human and living in Western Civilization, are being met with arrest, with the stripping of their property, and with violence. Saying “no”, a thousand times “no”, but still not lashing out at others, is successfully pushing back against one of those demonic traps that has been set for all of us. The thing is, once I begin to more clearly understand the dimensions of what I will need to put up with, either as an observer or potentially as a direct victim, the easier I am finding it to fortify my soul for what I may need to endure. This realization and understanding becomes part of my mental landscape, and it is always there. This, I believe, leads to acceptance over time, which leads to a sense of peace while living through the crazy years.

        Perhaps part of it for me is that I did take the first two jabs. I was warned that I may have been exposed to Bovine Spongiform decades ago, so I am familiar with how it operates and what it does to a person. The likelihood of some sort of spongiform reaction to the vaxx protein spikes, over time, is not insignificant. Stack up another reason for me, personally, to expect, or at least not be surprised, by a quicker and different exit than I may have once expected to experience. As I am in my 60’s already, I’ve had my turn. I hope the younger among us get a fair shot at a good life.

      2. I understand. My best friend moved cross-country to live with a relative who had lost her husband (and after his wife left him for her trans lover.) Then his relative(s) forced him to get the jab on pain of making him homeless once he had moved. He had no money, no job… I only got access to funds that I could have helped him with a few months later (and I did not expect them.)

        Though, personally, I don’t think striking back is always inappropriate. We Americans have been effeminate domestically, so that problems that started out small have grown and metastasized. No, rebellion is not right… against lawful authority. But have we had lawful authority in my lifetime? Certainly not in Oregon, where every statewide election in my lifetime has been fraudulent.

    4. Also, here’s a low-level example: Soros, who I assume is a fairly high level cockroach, is a London School of Economics (Fabian) trained economist. From his youth, he wrote about how susceptible currency markets are to manipulation. He then proceeded to manipulate them in a technically legal if utterly immoral way in order to accumulate a vast fortune.

      Two key parts: first, an utterly immoral character who is completely untroubled by the damage he’s done to people and, indeed, whole economies. Second, a man who spots opportunities for manipulation like other men eat breakfast – just a habit.

      So, he sees, for example, the elected prosecutors are another weak point in the system, and finds he – or at least his ideas – can gain great influence at relatively low cost by putting cash into what would otherwise have been sleepy, below the radar elections.

      It’s a game to him. And he’s no doubt knows other people who enjoy similar games. For now, they are pulling in pretty much the same direction. This cooperation will end, eventually, one way or another. Evil conspiracy? Confluence of interests and forces? Some of both? I don’t know, but I’m guessing some of both.

      1. You just know that people of Soros’ nature will turn on each other, even on their own friends and allies, at the drop of a hat and without remorse or a second thought. It is how they are wired and it is what they know.

        One trick for the good guys to figure out, is to somehow make the path of least resistance for the bad guys, to be the one that pits them against each other, rather than against the rest of us.

      2. Sociopaths don’t have friends, or even comrades. They have “useful tools” and “prey”. And all “useful tools” eventually become “prey.” Or a third category, “threat”, which is what enrages them.
        Trump was a “prey”, because all their polling (and their fraud operatives) said he was beatable, where Hillary was projected to have trouble with most of the other major candidates (because she is an obvious, unlikable lizardperson and liar.) That is why they got so enraged by his victory: not only was he now a “threat”, which enrages them immensely, but he went from being “prey”, and thus property for them to toy with, to being a threat, which is enormously more unjust, in their eyes. So, instead of doing the obvious thing and manage him through his enormous ego (like they have done with most of the huge number of Republican politicians they control, except for those they control through blackmail or bribes), they attacked him even harder. Which made him even angrier. And that is why sociopaths have turned the AINO Empire into Clown World over the last five years. (Not that it wasn’t going there anyway, but they lost their flippin’ minds and sped up the whole process way more than it was meant to go. Like I think I said earlier in this thread, “oft evil doth evil mar.”)
        Again, all that to say that I see it as more a confluence. By nature, these people hate each other only slightly less than they hate us.

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