Year End(?) Update: Wedding, Writing, Stuff

I’m going to use the following feeble excuses for not writing here for over a week:

  1. Younger daughter is getting married in 3 weeks;
  2. I’m ‘working,’ mostly in the sense of worrying about and planning, the sale of our house in (we hope) March;
  3. It’s the week before Christmas.
  4. Volunteered to help the Caboose execute his Eagle Scout project, which tied up the better part of the last 2 weekends.
A local cemetery, managed by our parish, has suffered from neglect and vandals for many years. It is the resting place of many of the pioneers of our town, with graves dating back to the mid 1800s. The local historical society as well as the parish and some of the neighbors have been trying to fix it up. The Caboose’s Eagle project: put in two benches, replace the vandalized and missing cross from the central monument, and clean up. Above: one of the benches, concrete still wet.
An epoxy resin cross (getting granite was not in the budget) affixed atop the central monument, from which vandals had destroyed the original. It came out way better than anticipated – this angle distorts the scale and might make it appear too small, but it’s not.

Other than that, I got nothing. What I have been doing:

A. Making Christmas gifts for the family. They are coming out nice, but, since it’s possible some of the recipients might read this blog, I’ll have to skip the pictures and of course any further details until they have been delivered.

B. Finishing the Gloria I’ve been working on, and working on the Kyrie. I’m at the point where I need to let the Gloria sit – I can keep tweaking it forever, but I probably will just let it go.

I switched over completely to composing in Musescore. It – just works, and revisions are so, so, much easier. Sigh. All that time mastering buggy whip making writing fair score by hand is now useless. My son-in-law swears by Musescore as a composition tool, as you can get instant playback as you go and the fair copy is a print command away. Beats stomping stuff out on piano, which is my usual method.

Sheepish request: any musicians out there with Musescore who would like to hear it/offer feedback? It’s all of 4 minutes long. If so, send me an email at yardsale of the mind (without the gaps) at G-mail dot etc. and I will email you the file.

C. Watching a Youtube series on counterpoint and fugal writing, based on Fux’s Gradus ad Parnassus. On the one hand, I know some of this stuff; on the other, I’m largely an ignorant fool. As I think Nadia Boulanger once said: composition is not theory, but technique, and you get technique by practicing. Will I live long enough to work my way through all of Fux’s and Gran’s exercises? Writing in this style – counterpoint and fuges – is highly technical and mathematical – there is structural stuff you need to work out before you get very far . I’m very bad at that part. Don’t know how many times I’ve written myself into a corner…

D. Had this very vivid idea for a story. Of course, I’ve got half a dozen other writing projects I have not been working on, so now I get another idea. Saw a meme the other day, where this writer is musing something like: “Some people got to bed and *sleep*? They don’t toss and turn working out the plots for a 7-book series? And then they wake up *refreshed*?” I haven’t slept well in years anyway, seems I just need to get mor4e productive about it. I may throw up a chapter as semi-flash fiction when I get a minute.

F. 3 years into involuntary semi-retirement. I need to get a job. Don’t need the big bucks anymore, just something reasonable.

Aaaand – that’s all I have time for at the moment. Tomorrow and Friday begin the annual Great Christmas Cooking & Baking Event. With married kids, we have multiple Christmas/New Year’s/Epiphany parties to go to/host, my beloved is in demand as a pie maker, and I’m always making something, too. So, maybe catch y’all next year.

Have a happy, holy, and blessed Christmas season, not to end before Epiphany at the earliest!

Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

3 thoughts on “Year End(?) Update: Wedding, Writing, Stuff”

  1. We got a HUGE gift today– in addition to the major one with the smaller tornado-weather that went through Iowa after the big doin’s. Which knocked down SEVERAL trees…. on to TWO large structures, which meant NEITHER took structure took serious damage. Either one would’ve been badly damaged by itself, and both would’ve been harmed by just one tree, but a big tangled mess propped itself on top of both with branches.

    Of course, everyone is booked solid for the next month.

    Oh, and that is at the starting price of $3000, just for the must get down NOW trees.

    But… turns out that a coworker’s dad use to do this stuff for a living, recently enough they still have an account at one of the industrial rental places.
    And all the tools.
    And he’d already taken the day off because family is visiting for Christmas… but “helping our IT guy with six kids and a very pregnant wife, look at this horrible shattered tree!” is a totally acceptable reason to not be home all day. 😀

    So from like nine to four today, they and he got those trees down (the kids and I helped as much as possible without being in the way).

    They wanted to get the rental-lift home before dark, so I didn’t get to feed them, but we did at least send them home with fresh baked cookies (it’s science AND math– tripled the recipe, all I did was check work and act as a technical advisor/monkey muscle) and some good beef.

    1. First, congrats on the soon-to-arrive baby! Having our first grandchild has just made me remember how happy babies make me.

      What a blessing – a scary blessing – with the trees and their removal! Farm raised beef? And all they had to do was cut up some trees to get it? AND homemade cookies? I think they got a deal. 😉

      1. Thank you!

        :gleeful chuckles: Oh, the beef is the fun part– we bought a beef from *another* co-worker, whose retirement plan is “sell grain finished beef” and is building up his consumer-base from co-workers, and he’s got a working relationship with a local butcher operation where he’s scheduled roughly a year before the calf is even born, so avoided that mess with backed-up butcher schedules. Everyone comes out good with guaranteed profit and predictability, and we got beef for about $3 a pound. (Not sure exactly, I’m using the hanging weight estimate– two big freezers full.)
        Really good stuff, too.

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