Above and Beyond

During the Covidiocy, it’s not enough to do the stupid, pointless, unscientific crap officially demanded. We can’t just mask, double mask, social distance, get jabbed, get jabbed again, and then get jabbed yet again. Nope, we need, it seems, to prove our loyalty and obedience by thinking up yet more stupid, pointless, unscientific crap.

This evening, I attended an event where not only was masking up mandatory, not only were the folding chairs placed a couple feet apart, but the doors were left wide open. Temperatures were in the high 40s – cold, by California standards – and there was a light breeze. So, sitting still, not dressed for outdoors in winter, we were freezing our patooties off.

Because…? The masking up is mandated by the state and county. Putting chairs a couple feet apart? Maybe, but I think not. Leaving the doors wide open? I think this is just proving that ‘we’ are eager beavers, that ‘we’ are doing more than is required to defeat the virus! Because the virus, being both genius and magic, is warded off by masks (but only if they cover your nose), cannot travel more than 2 feet (except when it can), and hates a good cold breeze. Covid can sense true believer’s faith, like the Angel of Death sensed lamb’s blood on the lintels, and will pass them by.

Or something. The terrified rabbits running this get-together have to do more than the minimum, even if, or perhaps because, that extra step is uncomfortable, at least, and an invitation for some old lady to catch her death of cold at worst. That way, the virus knows you’re serious!

We see this everywhere. I went to mass (once) at a local parish where not only was every other pew roped off to enforce social distancing, but we were forbidden to use the kneelers – because? Well, because that way, the virus knows we’re serious! Sure, knee-to-knee transfer via lingering pants-based virus particles is just a theory, but it could happen! Prove that it can’t! What are you, crazy!?!?

In general, we don’t take obvious steps based on official premises – masks, if they work, should be disposed of as hazardous waste, changed every hour, and only touched by gloved up hands. One should scrub up after touching them, and then put the gloves in hazardous waste, and then glove up again and scrub one’s face and anything that mask might have touched – every time! Unless you don’t really believe those masks are capturing deadly virus particles – in other words, unless you don’t really believe they work.

Actions speak louder than words. No one really believes masks work. BUT! We still need to keep the doors open and refrain from kneeling! THAT will show the virus we mean business!

The world is insane.

A disease vector.

Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

14 thoughts on “Above and Beyond”

  1. Keeping the air fresh is the only thing that *might* be helpful if one of the participants was contagious: like being upstream from someone pissing in te water. Plus not sitting cheek-to-jowl.

    Everything else is fake.

    At this point, I just want to catch the thing and get it over with.

    1. Was going to say, of all the things mentioned– decent air exchange is the most likely to have a decent result.

      My guess would be that the door thing was started by someone like me, who gets weak-kneed (not in the fun way) from masking for too long, especially in a stuffy room.
      Apparently it has to do with CO2 levels rising, known issue for CPAP folks.

      Not warning anybody is bad, though, and turning the fans up to high would probably be a better idea.

      1. Well – sure, you can make a case. But you can also make the case that having people sit in a cold, drafty room is a risk in itself. Fairly large hall, not too many people in it (and 90% were 17 and under) – so, on balance…

      2. No, because there is by definition no costs resulting from Covid mediation efforts. We’re terrorists for even entertaining such thoughts! Masks, lockdowns, vaccines – all are perfectly effective, perfectly safe, and cost nothing. It’s the science!

  2. Have you seen this? What you describe of ever more meaningless pseudo-rituals reminded me of it.

    A friend of mine put me onto it. Some of the commentary from the interviewer is rather silly, but the core point seems dead on to me (long, but worth the time).

  3. The kneelers… did they also prevent people placing their hands on the pew-backs in front of them, or have we moved on from hand-surface-hand theories of germ transfer in favor of knee-surface-knee transfer?

    One suspects that what actually happened is, someone doesn’t like kneeling and jumped at the opportunity to make it obligatory not to, so they could abstain and not stand out.

    There is an obvious solution: kneel on the floor. I often do this even when there are kneelers, because it hurts my knees less (at least in a carpeted building) than the kneelers do. In Orthodox churches, it is not uncommon for old folks to bring little cushions for this purpose, particularly for services like kneeling vespers (12 passion gospels) that can be really hard on the knees.

    Be a trendsetter! Bring back kneeling cushions!

    1. We knelt anyway – and had the pastor come up to us after mass and tell us not to. But, sure, everybody has a ‘just so’ story about why their little twist is merely prudent and isn’t THAT big a deal, just shut up and comply…

      There are two churches, on 30 minutes the other 60 minutes away, where nobody cares what the sociopaths running our state and county say. They also both do lovely masses and are full of nice people. But we can’t do the drives every Sunday, let alone for daily mass.

      1. I hear you. We are currently driving an hour and a quarter to go to a church that doesn’t kowtow to every virus-regulation whim. It rules out weekday and evening services 😦 We are trying to figure out how to move closer to that church when our lease runs out.

      2. I would gladly drive an hour to go to a church that has not caved in to covid insanity. I haven’t been able to attend mass at my own church for almost two years — first because they bowed the knee to our government overlords and locked down for almost a year, and then because when they reopened for in-person worship, they instituted mask mandates for everyone, later amended to mask mandates for everyone who has not had the clot shot. I will never take the clot shot, and I refuse to wear a mask in church, so I am not welcome there.

      3. I feel for you. The two closest parishes have mask requirements for everybody posted – we ignore them. So far, no one has said a peep, even in Karen-infested CA. A few more people also dare show their faces, but it’s 90%+ sheep. It is disturbing to see where our hierarchy’s loyalties lie.

        Maybe pull a Thomas More: just go, but never answer the question (if it even comes up) of if you’ve been jabbed. Silence implies consent (or nothing).

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