Strategy and Tactics?

Let’s round up a couple interesting points. This is all highly speculative on my part, I have little idea what to do. First off, from Clarissa’s blog a couple days ago:

I engage in exactly zero discussions with liberals / leftists / Biden voters / ‘democratic socialists’ / pandemicians / anti-racists or whatever they call themselves. I don’t try to reason with them, I don’t offer evidence, I don’t explain my position. I’m open to discuss shopping, recipes, weather, gossip, etc. But the moment they start on with vaccines, Trump, horse dewormers, insurrections, etc, I change the topic or use the bathroom. There can be no debate with people who hold the power to wipe you out of productive life on a whim. The very act of engaging in a discussion perpetuates the massive lie that there is free and open debate.

Recall that Clarissa grew up under the Soviet Union. Her point: we’re way, way past the point of talking this out. It’s like Mao’s Hundred Flowers campaign: people were encouraged to criticize the regime, on the principle that even the regime could use some constructive criticism. All Mao really wanted was to identify those who needed culling – and culled they were.

It’s not that, by now – heck, by April of 2020 – I had written enough badthink on this blog alone to mark me for culling. I’d assume the majority of the people reading this are in the same boat, have said too much. That train has left the station. It’s that those in the grip of the insanity are not in the least interested in, or even capable of, being convinced. Clarissa continues:

I’m talking right now about normal everyday people who have been duped by propaganda. The actual stormtroopers at NYTimes – these are horrid people working for a horrid organization. Only days ago they knowingly perpetuated the lie about 900,000 pediatric COVID deaths. This is a despicable thing to do but it’s one in 25 even worse thing the paper did on that day.

OK then. Confronting Normie is a non-starter. Got it. What I and mine have been doing: as much as possible, simply don’t comply. It’s that ‘as much as possible’ part that killing me at the moment. It’s not my goal to get other little people in trouble, especially churches. One thing near the top of Our Evil Overlord’s agenda: crush churches out of existence, or, at least, drive them underground. People freely attend churches, hang out and talk with each other, spreading badthink. Can’t have that. So, while I don’t usually wear a mask in church (in direct defiance of the state health authorities) I have one on my person, in case the stoolies are on duty. Oops! Musta slipped off there!

But shopping for food? Well, the sad reality is that all I’m likely to do would be putting some low paid worker bee on the spot to tell me to mask up – how is that different from confronting Normie? Not saying I *like* this, but that I want to get out of this alive, not make grandstanding statements.

That said, I’ve now gone to In-n-Out twice since they stood up to the San Francisco Cat Fanciers. Both times, once near dinner time, but once in the middle of a Saturday afternoon, drive-through lines around the block and walk-in lines out the doors and into the parking lot. Two different outlets. In-n-Out was very popular before all this, but not that popular by half. Is this a positive development? How is this going to help, other than getting people to show up at Tiananmen Square, as it were, the better to mow them down?

Or is it the scariest thing to our betters? To see people not complying? Sadly, I kind of doubt it. First of all, there is no uniform group of people doing ‘this’ – however ‘this’ is defined. We may imagine a conspiracy involving thousands, but that’s unlikely. A conspiracy involving dozens or maybe even hundreds -sure. But the major victory here is sidestepping any need for rational (however evil) cooperation: the Faucis and Fergusons of the world don’t believe their own B.S., but they do believe what’s happening is beneficial to them, and, since they can’t imagine otherwise, beneficial to the world.* And it’s what their betters want.

Years of training in bureaucracy and deceit (but I repeat myself) have created legions of such creatures. These Front Row Kids have learned to get ahead by delivering what the people above them want, and have driven any interest in whether what they want is true or good – that never entered into the equation. They have learned to hold those poor, benighted back row kids in utter contempt, for, to even acknowledge the possibility that those not playing the game might have a point about anything has been rendered unimaginable, far too emotionally risky, an attack on their own fundamental sense of self. We *must* be wrong! They *must* be right!

So the cake chart looks like this:

  • On the bottom are those who will not comply. A thin layer.
  • The next layer up are those who comply under duress. A much thicker layer. (I straddle the these first two groups – I do put on a mask to shop, but won’t get the jab.)
  • Then comes those who comply out of reflexive obedience, who don’t really believe this stuff but find making a fuss about it too inconvenient.
  • Then the great mass of those who have been convinced, because they have been trained to view only authority as convincing.
  • Next, the useful idiots: BLM, Antifa. BLM imagined they were much higher up on the cake, flexed their anti-jab muscles, and promptly got memory-holed. If they prove too unmanageable, people know people who do things. Stuff will happen. But as long as they remained useful, they were darlings.
  • Then the Borderline Personality cases and sociopaths of varying degrees, who live to lord it over people. The voluntary enforcement police. Lots of medical professionals, nursing home staff, and ‘educators’ fall into this class – they fell into their professions because it gives them the power to abuse people. This ‘pandemic’ merely poured gasoline on their open flame.
  • Then the bureaucrats, climbers, suck ups. Truth? What is that? Fauci is legion.
  • Then those who imagine they are in charge. Gates, Zuckerberg. They’d get the pillow in a minute if they proved difficult. But the idea that they run the world is simply too intoxicating, and because they think themselves geniuses, they eagerly embrace it. Arrogance make you stupid, and they are very, very arrogant.
  • Then the tiny group who might, on some level, actually be in charge. They, I imagine, are nameless by design. They names we know are no more in charge than Brandon.

Now, there is not and cannot be any sort of consensus among such a mishmash. Even the top layers are at odds, fearing those above and despising those below, all wanting most of all to keep their positions or, better, to move up. If they do move up, they hate those at their previous level more than any others, if possible. Looking for clear goals and agreement in such an environment is a fools game. But I imagine there’s enough agreement among enough of the small group at the very top of this thing to keep the general direction clear.

Example: the top wants the ‘pandemic’ to continue. The level of bureaucrats, climbers, and suck-ups, including most especially the media, will execute this without question. There’s no memos needed -everybody in this layer knows this is the game, or they have already lost their jobs. Thus any good news is simply hunted down and buried, and any lies that promote the panic become banner headlines. (And, to drive sane people crazy, the ‘corrections’ are put at the bottom of page 23 in small print. They don’t care they’ve lied, they issue corrections as a way of rubbing their lies in our faces.)

And, finally, the Father of Lies is at the top. He will burn everything down, especially all the layers immediately beneath him, once he sees he is losing. And the layers immediately beneath him will enthusiastically comply! To their own destruction. And – here’s the problem – do everything in their power to take as many of us down with them as they can.

Strategy? Get the hell out of here. Away from the insanity, as much as possible. ‘Here’ being far too close to the bluest of blue cities in an insane state. Lay low, and ride it out. Homestead-lite. Dispose of the tech toys. (Except that Linux machine to write on, VPN, and? I guess I’m weak – should just go samizdat?) Provide a fall back for the kids, who aren’t as free to pick up and move – or don’t yet think they are.

Tactics? Working on it. Don’t engage Normie seems worth considering. I’ve long held far, far too optimistic a view on the reasonableness of the average American. This fauxdemic has been cold water to the face. And lay low.

*One of the more maddening bits in all this: Fauci’s claim that he lied about masks for everybody for our own good, saying at first that they weren’t needed and then saying they were mandatory. He establishes a principle: Fauci and his ilk will lie their asses off to us – for our own good. What they imagine to be our own good remains unknown and, on this principle, unknowable, because they would lie about that, too! For our own good! And yet – people defend him and comply. Sad.

Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

8 thoughts on “Strategy and Tactics?”

  1. I agree with the quote that engaging in debate at this point does very little. I respectfully disagree that the people at the top (or should I say bottom?) are unknown to us. The names we see are what there are, among the mortals (though Fauci and Brandon are not among them). It is just coordinated by infernal powers, who are unsleeping, undying masterminds many times smarter and knowledgeable than mortal man.

    Even so, Severian’s posts, as much as he calls them black-pills, I take as good news. Even the infernal powers, the Father of Lies, are less than dust before Providence, and must make use of methods the Divine has at His disposal–chief among which, right now, as far as I can see, are our weaknesses and the limits of the material world. The infernals want to make Man as a whole march into eternal slavery and degradation, but evil is its own undoing in this as it is in pretty much all things.

    Let’s talk about what the infernals’ pawns, our ‘elites’ want: they want a world regime run by them. Most of them, of course, don’t see that they would be mere pawns for the powers they consort with, as the villains from That Hideous Strength did not, to be used and discarded. But who is to do the the enforcing necessary to keep the horrendously unpopular globablists in power? For the last 70+ years, it has been the United States military, the CIA assassins, and the endless flow of fiat currency from the Federal Reserve and its pet banks as the carrot and stick. The ‘Pax Americana’ is what has eroded popular resistance over and over. A politician somewhere in the world opposes the globalists desire to murder babies for Moloch? Kill him (CIA), frame him for a crime (CIA), stuff ballot boxes (CIA), pay his opponents ungodly amounts of money (Fed), or just send some special forces to train up a “popular resistance” (DoD).

    But how can they keep doing this when the CIA is getting more and more incompetent at its job? When the DoD is so focused and the infernal transgender and intersectional agendas that it couldn’t fight its way out of a paper bag, and has been shown in front of the whole world as being run by rank incompetents? When the USD is losing value so rapidly? When our logistics our so messed up thanks to the COVIDian and Gaia religious strictures that American consumers won’t BE ABLE to prop up the world economy?

    Our elites are bound by an ideology, even if it is not the one they push on the rest of us, and trapped within the limits of their ideology, they have forgotten that the ‘world economy’ on which their world regime would have to rest is propped up by a single card, and in their house of cards the Gnostic ‘secret knowledge’ system of one ideology pushing OTHER ideologies to undermine others, they are in fact undermining EACH OTHER.

    Listening to exorcists talk about what it is like to talk to demons only reinforces that they are, in fact, blinded by their evil, just as their pawns are. Maybe if they were as pure in spirit as St. Michael, they could manage what they are attempting in regards to enslaving Man–their intellects are certainly powerful enough–but they are not St. Michael. Their evil clouds them from seeing how God is working, and thus in their wrath and envy and pride they work at cross purposes to each other, they make moves that are self-defeating, and they are, quite simply, arrogant and overestimate their powers over Mankind.

    Uncle Sam is a dead man walking (thank goodness), but Man shall survive the collapse (even though many shall die along the way), and the resulting fragmentation will serve to redound to God’s glory. My children may perhaps not be free, but “Freedom” was the idol by which the USA was led astray from God, and God always destroys our idols when fornicate with them. There will still be goodness in the world, and the infernals will not crush the human spirit. Our elites’ dreams are mere delusions fed by demonic shortsightedness and their own vices.

      1. I think that those people who keep up on current events (other than listening to the lying media) hear the leaders’ names. I just don’t think we have enough information to sort out which is which. I am confident there are many, many, MANY people who think they are ‘leaders’ who really aren’t. I really do think the reason the progressives have been so successful is because they are coordinated pawns, controlled by infernal forces. I doubt the abilities of the people ‘in charge’ to actually, you know, coordinate things. But when a demon whispers in one ear something, and another whispers in another person’s ear, everything begins to look coordinated. Coordination is happening on Earth, certainly–at the local and national level. Even that, though, like you said in an earlier post, is often one functionary who KNOWS he needs to stop Bad Orange Man because the media tells him Bad Orange Man is Literally Hitler. But did he get an order to do it? I don’t know. Does it matter? I don’t think so.

        But internationally? Seriously, the best, most professional army in the world (it was at one time) couldn’t impose globalist rule by force for very long in a sparsely populated place like Afghanistan. What army is going to force Hindu nationalists to let Han Chinese buy up India? What army is going to force Africa to bend the knee, when all of a much more serious society of imperialists could barely do it… before the proliferation of machine guns and stinger missiles and IEDs? Sure, Europe and North America are at least partially subdued for now… until the bread and circuses run out. But the rest of the world is SO BIG.

        So force majeure isn’t going to do it. But that leaves soft power and espionage… which take money and competence even more than military might. But that requires a stable banking system and a world reserve currency that is accepted most everywhere, and a whole host of other elements of the Pax Americana/ American Hegemony that are very rapidly being undermined by the fake ideologies the diabolists have foisted often on their dupes. In a way, the transgenderism and race hatred that are the terminal illnesses that have been injected into America’s veins are a blessing in disguise. They are killing the American Hegemony fast enough that the world regime (I think) becomes untenable. Another century? I think they could have done it, at least well enough to fake it (a world is still too large to be ruled with anything resembling the technology we have or are likely to get soon, but they could have waved away the remnants.)

  2. Great post! I like your strategy, but we may run out of places to go. As far as tactics, avoiding normies seems sound but they far outnumber those of us still sane. (by the way, love the ‘it’s a trap!’ pic!”)

    1. I am reminded, as I mentioned, of the people in Tiananmen square who were promised clemency if they would just leave, marched off as directed, right into the killbox.

      “It’s a trap!” indeed.

  3. He establishes a principle: Fauci and his ilk will lie their asses off to us – for our own good.

    Why on earth would I consider the claimed motivation any more reliable than the lie it’s justifying?

    That said– I think the number of folks cooperating under duress is a lot larger than you’re figuring. Which is why they really, really want to keep folks from actually talking.

    Even the great-grandmother from the Seattle Blob was sounding like ME about the COVID nonsense, and Seattle is at least as crazy as LA!

  4. Just remember: you can’t have techno-feudalism if you don’t have enough fossil fuels left to run the server farms!

    This is, of course, one of the reasons we must now see the end of commercial air travel, private cars, etc. The panopticon is a hungry beast and must be fed at the expense of everything and everyone else. But I think its insatiable hunger will be its undoing. Humanity lived a very long time before cloud computing and digital surveillance, and will live a very long time after it.

    There’s still the old-fashioned way: snitching on your neighbors. I think it lacks the certain satisfying technological crunch that panopticon and its servants crave, and is quite a lot more labor-intensive.

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