Kitchen Items That Make Good Band Names

I can only stay serious for so long…

Blender Stick – maybe a Afro/video game music fusion band?

Peeler – just another alt band. Is it too early to go retro-grunge?

Chopping Block – Death Metal?

Boning Knife – Definitely Death Metal

Shaker – Blue Grass/Gospel fusion?

Peppermill – Country boy band? Line dancing band? “Lots of ‘yee-haws’ involved,” say the Caboose.

The Pantry – ’80s cover band?

Wet Stone – “Medieval dubstep” says the Caboose

Burner – Speed metal.

Töaster – Goth Metal

Spice Räck – A Goth Girl band, with – attributes.

I could do this all day – and nobody wants that. You got any ideas?

Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

11 thoughts on “Kitchen Items That Make Good Band Names”

    1. That is awesome! Open to all kinds of interpretations. I’m seeing dudes in hoodies on horseback.

      My favorite band name of the bands I was in: Cadillac Potatoes. My brother owned a old wooden produce box which, according the nature of such things, had an over-the-top logo of the grill of a ’50s Caddy and a bunch of potatoes in technicolor. It was awesome! So I insisted that this band we started become the Cadillac Potatoes by simply refusing to call it anything else until my bandmates knuckled under. Because – a sad truth – any band name arrived at by any democratic process is going to be lame.

      1. Haha! Ever since the Serial podcast came out some years back (launching a zillion long-form true-crime-investigation podcasts), I have been waiting to see a musical act called Squealin’ J and the Trunk Pops. I’m convinced it exists, somewhere, and I just haven’t heard about it yet.

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