Portents & Omens

We’ll start with the more traditional:

Tonight, the full moon rising over Concord, CA, was large and red: (Phone camera does not do it justice.)

The state is on fire, I hear, which not only makes the moon look red, but is a portent in itself.

Next, and this is a weird one: a possum became roadkill a block up our street. Nothing out of the ordinary in that – except a full on 6′ wingspan freakin’ vulture was pecking at it this afternoon. On a residential street in the middle of California suburbia. Never seen that before.

Blood moons, infernos, vultures. All end-timey and everything.

On a more serious note: Clarissa reports that upon her return to campus, she discovered that her college library had disposed of 80% of their humanities books over the summer – without asking or informing the faculty, not even a department chair such as Clarissa. Didn’t sell them, didn’t give the faculty and students a chance to pick through them, didn’t give them away – destroyed them.

The only thing surprising about this is that it’s surprising. Think of any educational initiative over your lifetime. 10 to 1 you only heard about it either after the fact or as part of some political game. This is no accident. Back in the first half of the 19th century, Horace Mann had a heck of a time getting his program of state-controlled compulsory schools past the voters. Seems the fine people of Massachusetts were slow to see the advantages of taxing themselves in order to be forced to surrender their children to the state for education. New England was already literate and numerate – somebody was buying all those copies of the papers running the Federalist debates and making the Last of the Mohicans a best seller modern publishers could only dream of, and somebody was running all those cottage industries and farms.

Mann got lucky, in the ‘never let a crisis go to waste’ sense, and used the scary influx of poor, dirty, uneducated, and Catholic Irish immigrants to get his program through – while the natives themselves didn’t see the need of schools for themselves, they were much more easily convinced that those papist potato-eaters’ kids needed the right kind of Jesus pounded into their skulls.

The other people who learned from Mann’s experience were the freshly-minted educators – not teachers, no, those had been around for millennia, but certified, Prussian-trained Educators. They saw that the unenlightened masses were nothing but a hinderance to their program, and thereafter sought to cut them out of the process as much as possible. Thus, sympathetic state legislators and governors would set up State Departments of Education with broad and vague powers. These departments all worked together and with the college schools of education – they were the same people, the heads of state education departments and the chairs of university ed schools, educated in Prussia or by Prussian-educated Americans, sharing in Fichte’s vision of using compulsory schooling to turn the population into obedient sheep. From Day 1, the gatekeepers were able to simply shoulder out anyone with any other ideas, thus becoming that which they desired to create: a large body of mindless drones incapable of any independent thought.

The educational ideas and policies created by our educational elite are never honestly debated. They are concocted in the dark and presented as fete accompli. Remember how Common Core was just there one day, with no warning or discussion? That’s typical, and has been for almost 200 years.

So the librarians – educators all – at Clarissa’s university saw no point to consulting anyone. They, and they alone, get to determine which books the students and faculty will have access to. Clarissa mentions how, back in the Soviet Union where she grew up, libraries presented slim pickings unless you were interested in a book by Brezhnev. Now, her university library presents the students with lounge chairs and racism posters instead of books.

From several sources, I’ve seen videos of outraged parents protesting the imposition of Gender Theory and Critical Race Theory in their local grade schools at their local school board meetings. Never discussed, never brought to a vote, just wacko theory imposed against the wills of the parents. Poor fools! I totally support the thinking of these parents, but if they imagine the professional educators on the school board are going to change based on something an ignorant, racist parent says, they are delusional. Those professional educators are absolutely unshakably certain they are right, and that the positions of the parents are exactly the ignorant, racist, sexist, patriarchal, and so on, ideas that they, the educators, have been established to root out and destroy.

Parents are the problem compulsory state schools were founded to solve.

Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

9 thoughts on “Portents & Omens”

  1. Reblogged this on Head Noises and commented:
    Somebody needs to be criminally charged, that is far over the dollar value for a serious crime, before the fraud, waste, and abuse of public property comes into play.

    On a more serious note: Clarissa reports that upon her return to campus, she discovered that her college library had disposed of 80% of their humanities books over the summer – without asking or informing the faculty, not even a department chair such as Clarissa. Didn’t sell them, didn’t give the faculty and students a chance to pick through them, didn’t give them away – destroyed them.

  2. Whoof.
    Our theories of homeschool don’t much overlap– your kids are much more self-motivated than mine, for a nutshell– but holy F are the differences between us tiny compared to morons like that.

    A plain old “dump the books out front with a free will offering sign” would’ve brought in cash, at the absolute bottom of the pile.

    That is just…vandalism.

    1. Ah, but if they’d put the books out in public where everyone could see, people might realize hey, I never said the library could just get rid of all these important books. Destroy them in the night? It takes an astute person interested in the subject to figure out what happened – and they’ll have a hard time rallying anyone else to the defense of the stacks in the absence of evidence.

      Thus do the enemies of free minds isolate and destroy independent thought.

  3. Ever since I’ve had a vote in school board elections, I have never voted for a candidate whose CV indicates a degree in education. It doesn’t appear that very many of my fellow citizens share my approach.

  4. On the plus side, my son-in-law, the one who runs his bishop’s office of Evangelization and is the de facto censor librorum (since he holds a doctorate in Sacred Theology) was tasked last summer with finding a suitable home for the library bequeathed to the diocese by a retiring priest. Having been ordained in the early 70s, it was of course full of the Karl Rahner/Richard McBrien-type stuff. So he had a book-burning in his back yard.

  5. Okay, I’m not much of a fan of recent decades ‘scholarship’ in the humanities.

    I’d kind of knew that this stuff was happening, but I am still profoundly appalled to hear about it. I am sickened.

    I regret counseling care and measure in the perhaps necessary disposal of the opposition.

    All I feel I can say of what ought to be done with the censors is ‘Kill and burn. Kill and burn. The more you kill and burn, the better that you please me.’

    I am sure that there must be a saner and more rational answer, but right now I am not yet able to bring myself to see it.

  6. Clarissa reports that the library had some selection of 40 and 50 year old literature in foreign languages, her specialty being Spanish literature. The only books from that collection spared were the ones the professors had checked out and in their possession. If they return them to the library, which the library has requested, they will be destroyed as well. So it’s not just criticism and such of a literary nature they got destroyed, but the actual literature itself.

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