Coof Insanity Update

Let us summarize the findings of the latest CDC study reviewed in the last blog post:

  1. In July, there were 476 ‘cases’ of the Dreaded Coof in Cape Cod. Cape Cod has a permanent population of 220K, but gets between 1 and 2 million visitors in July.
  2. Deaths: NONE. NADA, Not a one.
  3. Hospitalizations: 5, of whom 3 has multiple preexisting conditions. So, *2* people who were reported as otherwise healthy got sick enough to require hospital level care.
  4. The anti-Coof drugs don’t work: while about 50% of all Americans are have taken the drugs, 74% of the ‘cases’ and 4 out of 5 of the hospitalizations in Cape Cod in July were people who had received the duly approved magical shots.
  5. Of the 476 ‘cases’, 346 showed ‘symptoms’ of COVID. These symptoms are, and I quote: “cough, headache, sore throat, myalgia (aches and pains), and fever.” In other words, these symptoms of COVID 19 are the same as the symptoms for a cold, a flu, overdoing exercise, getting too much sun, bad allergies, having an asthma attack, and on and on. Were these other possible causes controlled for, as science demands? Nope.

Let’s use nice round numbers: say the Cape had 1.78 million visitors this July – certainly within reason, since they get about 6 million visitors per year and July is peak vacation time – to go along with the 220K full time residents, for a tidy total of 2 million people. Could be less, could be more, but this seems reasonable to me, and makes the math easy. Therefore, if you were so reckless as to visit Cape Cod this July:

  1. You ran a 1 in a million chance of getting seriously sick from COVID if you weren’t already seriously sick. *2* such people got sick out of the 2,000,000 people we’re estimating passed through.
  2. You ran no chance of the Coof killing you – nobody died.
  3. Other than that – a few people, a tiny fraction of a percent, got what amounts to a summer cold.

AND – the Vexx don’t work. They don’t stop you from catching the Coof. The Dreaded Delta seems to be more infectious and much, much less dangerous than the ‘Alpha’ version (which wasn’t ever very dangerous anyway).

So what do our [LONG STRING OF EXPLITIVES DELETED] ‘public health’ officials do here, today, in California, supposedly based on this ‘study’? Why MANDATE MASKS INDOORS. Because – oh no! – there was a increase in *CASES* in Cape Cod, once visitors, in their hundreds of thousands, descended upon it in July. The ‘study’ presents no evidence that masking or not had any part in this ‘increase’ in ‘cases’, but just to be ‘safe’ they’ve decided to swaddle us all in bubblewrap and stack us like cordwood in some out of the way place until 2032. Which makes as much sense, and has as much evidence to back it up, as having us mask up again.

The evilest evil part of this: we’re heading into flu season in a month or two. As you may have noticed, miraculously, no one has died of the flu worldwide since March of 2020. Wow. Since the symptoms of the flu and of the Coof ARE THE SAME (see the list from the CDC above) and the flu really, truly does exist, then the absolutely mundane and predictable annual increase in flu infections and deaths, seen every year prior to 2020 for decades, will AGAIN be attributed to COVID. We WILL have a new ‘wave’ of the Kung Flu, even with some deaths, to keep us all terrified and locked down.

There is a special and especially warm place in Hell being prepared for the perpetrators of this evil fraud.

Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

7 thoughts on “Coof Insanity Update”

  1. The death rates among otherwise healthy people are so spectacularly low, the cynical side of me *always* wants to know about those folks’ recreational drug use. I mean, you know there’s a certain segment of the population, many of them younger and with little contact with the medical system (so far), that uses meth, heroin, bath salts, whatever, and that most of them are not telling their doctors about it, so it’s not showing up in the data. We also know that that crap is really, really bad for your health and tends to chop down people’s lifespan quite dramatically… but that you don’t get the missing teeth and face sores and stuff until you’ve been doing it a while (and I’ve met folks who’ve been doing meth for years at every opportunity who didn’t have any of that stuff going on… because they could only afford it intermittently).

    Like, of that small number of apparently healthy individuals who actually *die* of the coof, I’d love to know the breakdown of… how many had weird shit like undiagnosed congenital heart conditions that were going to kill them at 35 during a jog in the park except the coof got them first? How many of them were drug users who were assumed healthy because they were young, not-fat, and didn’t mention “oh yeah, and I snort percs to get through my workday, and smoke crack on weekends”, or “healthy” but have had gastric bypass surgery and have chronic malabsorption issues as a result… how many are young women on hormonal birth control who are already teetering at the edge of serious blood clots, and coof just pushed them over the line? –and if you weeded out those would you have *any* actually healthy, no-risk-factors people dying of it? I feel like there’s probably some stuff the data isn’t catching, and inquiring minds want to know…

      1. Well, that’s not where my thoughts go right away, but yeah– you can add that to the list. I remember right at the beginning of the whole COVID-in-Britain segment of this drama, where some 20yo gal had died, and of course was splashed all over the headlines as “no other health conditions” and I sat there looking at her photo… the makeup, the hair, what you could see of the clothes, and immediately (and ungenerously) went “Party girl. I wonder what drugs she was into.” And since then, I haven’t been able to look at any of the “otherwise young and healthy” reports without wondering what information is being withheld there.

      2. I used to read the Advocate from time to time. Gay sex culture is *very* hard on men’s bodies. I expect its the same for men of relatively normal sexuality who have access to women with the same carnal drives and sex=parties=drugs.

        The comment on drug abuse being covered up brought the USS TR to mind.

        I would not mind so much the trade off of understanding what is really happening in the midst of a pandemic for tender social sensibilities, if the people involved in doing so were less po-faced about how superior they are about sticking to the facts, and using the dangers of that same pandemic as a moral bludgeon.

    1. Early on, I said what I wanted to know, which was conspicuously lacking from the reported data, was *exact* correlations between fatalities and sever (requiring hospitalization) sickness and all other conditions, to which I now add explicitly, behaviors. The trouble is that the CDC data is compiled from death certs, which are both largely judgement calls and subject to wokersterism. Death certs contain a mixture of hard-ish data, like a history of being treated for kidney problems or having been treated or diagnosed with cancer, with less certain things, most notably ‘he had a fever and aches, which are two primary symptoms of COVID, so – COVID! ‘ Just as linking homosexual behavior to the cornucopia of health problems those behaviors result in became verboten, it’s not going to win you any brownie points – or get your study funded – to try to correlate any behaviors with dying of the Coof.

      The report I’d want to see:

      deaths hospitalizations
      X% diagnosed with cancer
      – type
      – stage
      – previous hospitalizations
      X% suffering renal failure
      – stage (or whatever)
      – previous hospitalizations
      X% heart problems
      – type
      – degree
      – previous hospitalizations
      For all the diseases & disorders in the the Top 20 CDC Causes of Death list
      Then add: drug use, attempted suicide, homosexual behavior (like that’s going to happen)

      But that would calm people down, and we can’t have that.

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