Iceland Volcano News – as Covered by Mondrian:

A volcano is erupting in Iceland, and has been erupting since my birthday back in March. At least two 24/7 live camera setups have been deployed to help us watch from the safety of our laptops. This one seems to be run by Mondrian:

From his little known Gray Period. It does get cloudy and foggy in Iceland, even if, this time of year, it is rarely dark. I didn’t manage to capture an active eruption in the fog, which is very cool: same Mondrian style image, except exploring a bit of an orange color scheme.

When it’s clear and the volcano is active, looks more like this:

This is from a local who just hikes up and shoots video. From here.
Same guy

Anyway, as I quipped: The Great Icelandic Traps: the Early Years. 5 months in, and the volcano seems to be pacing itself: crazy-dramatic eruptions, with rivers of lava flowing into the valleys, punctuate long periods of not much.

This sort of eruption may go on for years. This particular volcano hasn’t seen any eruptions for about 6,000 years. Iceland in general is hardly ever without at least one eruption somewhere.

UPDATE: Fog lifted, volcano got busy:

Another set of cameras

Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

3 thoughts on “Iceland Volcano News – as Covered by Mondrian:”

  1. I think there are at least three livecams, and at least three more webcams of the snap-a-photo-every-few-minutes type. It’s a delightful volcano to watch, because of the constant live coverage, and also because it’s not displacing thousands of people, inundating villages, burning neighborhoods, or anything horrible like that. It seems to be threatening… a lonely stretch of road and a fiber-optic cable? And possibly a couple of summer cottages. Guilt-free volcano watching 🙂 We have been checking in on it regularly. It’s fascinating.

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