Your Own Lying Eyes

So, having correctly identified the COVID overreaction as fraud in March, 2020, I have not only not submitted to lockup, nor worn a mask except when needed to gain entrance to stores where I need to shop or to keep Karen from shutting down our church, nor observed the ‘social distancing’ rules, I and mine have actively sought out occasions to fraternize with people who similarly refuse to be cowed. Tends to only be a few times a month where we’ve hung out like normal people with normal people, but we’re trying.

So, I’ve noticed a couple things. Of course – duh – the people in these groups of normal people acting normally are not dying any faster or more dramatically than anyone else. If the propaganda were true, there would have to be a bunch of deaths in at least one of these groups, where many dozens of people over 60 gather regularly (I’m being vague here, for obvious reasons). I mean, we’re talking 80 year olds here, fraternizing with the other reactionaries of all ages, including smiles, hand shakes and – oh the humanity! – hugs. Over and over, week after week.

And none of them have died, and I’m pretty sure I’d have heard about it if someone had. Nobody’s been hospitalized. To all appearances, the elderly in this group are if anything more healthy than is typical of people their age.

Yet this is not evidence anyone on the terrified bunny side of the issue would admit. As unlikely as they are to acknowledge the cherry picking being done in the name of horrifying the rabbits, they are that likely to insist that this example is cherry picking on the ‘ain’t no plague’ side, that, if anything, it’s the fault of people acting normal that ‘we’ haven’t ‘defeated’ the virus yet. People refusing to be cowed into following totalitarian fantasy instructions unsupported by logic or evidence are somehow asymptomatically transferring the disease to others who then dutifully and in perfect accord with the panic die in droves, off-camera. Since we’re absolutely, dogmatically certain people are dying, and it’s clear the people immediately in front of us aren’t (at least, aren’t any more than any other year), then there must be people we never see dying someplace we haven’t been – nursing homes, for example, which were never overrun with visitors even pre-COVID, and are completely devoid of visitors now.

COVID deaths are also miraculously immune to that eternal bane of logic and science: confirmation bias. Even to suggest that confirmation bias needs to be guarded against gets one labeled a ‘denier’. The rules for filling out death certificates, which DO NOT mandate a positive test result for a COVID diagnosis, but rather encourage a COVID diagnosis if any two of the classic symptoms were present in the deceased, suggest, to put it mildly, a strong risk of confirmation bias. Since those symptoms include fever, aches, and breathing trouble, anyone who dies while showing evidence of a cold, a flu, an allergy attack, or a bout of asthma is almost guaranteed to get classified as a COVID death. It is otherwise impossible to rationally explain how, according to WHO data, no one anywhere in the world has died of the flu since March, 2020. (I heard a poor simple soul suggest that maybe the masks, lockups, and social distancing worked against the flu, even if they didn’t against the ‘Rona. In other words, this innocent was willing to accept that masks, distancing, and lockups worked against one virus but not against another that is exactly the same size and uses exactly the same transmission vectors. I didn’t even try to straighten him out.)

I know one man who had a younger, allegedly otherwise healthy relative die of COVID – 10,000 miles away. Not somebody he knew well, not somebody he’s seen in years, but somebody who was a real person to him – of course, I’m sympathetic, and said a prayer for the repose of her soul and comfort for her family. But, again – 10,000 miles away, on the ragged edges of Western medicine and of systematic reporting of numbers of any kind. Maybe this poor woman is the one in 100,000 or more healthy younger person who the Kung Flu kills. More likely, its a case of evil telephone – people are looking for COVID deaths, and so, by the time the story has been relayed a couple times, they will find them.

But that’s it, as far as my personal experience goes. A few friends and acquaintances have caught and recovered from it, with no more trouble than a typical flu. Does no one remember from the distant past of lo two years ago, when, every year without fail, we or somebody we knew caught the flu and just had a hard time shaking it? We’d get sick, feel kind of better, try to return to normal, then get hammered again? And how it would be a month or two before we finally felt 100%? Or even the common cold that took 2 weeks to shake and left us weak? No? Some other planet, then? But none of the people I know, even a few ‘high risk’ types in their 70s and 80s, has had any more than a ‘bad flu’ experience with COVID. Most shook it off faster than a typical flu – 3 days, maybe, with one ‘I’m not feeling right’ day followed by an ‘I’m pretty sick’ day followed by ‘feeling better but weak’ day. Of course, if you were already dying of something else, like the majority of nursing home patients, even this might kill you – because, if you are in a nursing home, SOMETHING IS GOING TO KILL YOU sooner rather than later.

No one I know has died of this disease; the deaths I’ve heard of from friends have all been elderly and sickly – and there’s only 3 total of those. To say an elderly, sickly person died of anything specific apart from being elderly and sickly is perverse. People get old and die – if we’re lucky, we each will get old and die. But in the current environment, it is tacitly assumed every old person would otherwise be immortal if the plague didn’t get them. I, like every sane person ever, assumes a sickly old person is going to die sooner rather than later, baring a miracle. Nursing homes are full of such people.

But back to evidence near versus evidence far. I’ve heard COVID is raging now in India. Looked it up – nope. But that won’t stop the headline writers and politicians from telling us it is. Very handy to have the latest deadly outbreak on the other side of the planet, from a nation to whom any standards of methodical reporting of anything are a bit of a British novelty, and certainly subject to more ingrained local practices. If that’s not clear: numbers coming out of India are suspect, to say the least; but what numbers have come up suggest the current ‘raging’ outbreak is still vastly smaller on a per-capita basis than any of the panic leaders in Europe. And make no allowances for confirmation bias.

So: There are those who have hardly stepped outside since March 2020. All they have, with slight apologies to Don Henley, is the word of

  • the bubble-headed bleach blond who comes on at 5.
  • Tell you all about the COVID with a gleam in her eye.
  • It’s interesting when people die – give us Dirty Fauci

Those who, like the hypochondriac who forgets not to use the arm that he says is crippled, go out often but imagine they are locking down, the lack of dead bodies on the street will go unnoticed.

Who are you going to believe, the ‘experts’ or your own lying eyes?

Pre-‘Rona. And one of the greatest guitar solos ever recorded, to boot!

Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

19 thoughts on “Your Own Lying Eyes”

  1. Similar here. I have made a game of ignoring the signs on shops that say “mask required” just to see what happens. There is only one shop in our entire town whose employees could be bothered to enforce. So I just avoid that shop now. A shame, too: I had been a regular customer, and they ignored the mask mandate for months. But apparently someone tattled on them to corporate HQ, and they were forced to submit. My state doesn’t require masks: I can go to the library, the DMV, and city hall without one. It’s entirely up to the individual businesses whether they want to do it or not. Most businesses have signs posted saying masks are “required” or “recommended”, but they’re only signs: the employees totally ignore them. Walmart has big corporate banners announcing that MASKS ARE REQUIRED, but once inside the store… the employees have to, but few others bother with it. At my favorite ethnic grocery, even the employees ignore the sign.

    My church- even though we’re in a masks-optional state– has been hamstrung by the archdiocese, which is following mandates issued by Atlanta, where they’re located. But I have given up the mask charade anyway: I’m a chanter, and wearing a mask is a total joke. What am I gonna do, sing through a mask? Take it off for every “Lord, have mercy” and then put it back on again? There’s no way I’m making my kid-with-sensory-issues wear one, either: it’s torture for him to have stuff on his face, AND he’s not at any risk. We don’t have a choir anymore, because they’re all over sixty, and have been scared to death about it and won’t take their masks off for anything. I worry about them. They tell us we’ll be able to have coffee hour again next month… but everybody has to stay six feet apart and wear masks. OTOH, the ladies seem to be planning a big potluck and just not telling the archdiocese about it…

    I still get all the email announcements from our old church, in one of the more insane states. I feel bad for them. Their archdiocese just lifted ALL covid restrictions, and a “hooray!” announcement went out. It was followed later in the day by an “OK, here are the special provisions for members who still feel like they need to social-distance and mask up…” I can only imagine the flurry of panicked telephone calls from paranoid parishioners that prompted that.

    Meantime… we’ve been taking advantage of this year’s craziness in the schools to schedule weekday meet-up-at-the-park outings with the kids’ friends… who’d normally be in school, but their parents opted for the state’s Virtual-School* option rather than deal with the masks/distancing/quarantines craziness so they’ve been free to play during the week 🙂 They’ve discovered that they really like being able to travel a bit during the school year and not be tied to attendance requirements and other people’s schedules, so we’re hoping they’ll do it again next year…

    *My state has had a virtual school option for several years already– I think it replaced a previous correspondence option available to kids who, for whatever reason, couldn’t attend school normally (long-term illness, too far from a school, etc). So by the time COVID came along, they had already worked out the kinks, and didn’t require dumb things like kids being on zoom 8 hours a day. It’s a flexible work-at-your-own-pace program with actual teachers who evaluate the students’ work, and are available for questions. As free public schooling goes, it’s not bad.

  2. Des Moines finally gave permission for us to go back to mass. “Wear masks if you want, and please don’t come in if you’re sick” type stuff.

    Even though I listen to the local Catholic radio station, no mention.

    Looked at parish website, no mention of it.

    We’ll be going back to Mass on next Sunday, though.

    1. Went to Costco on Saturday and kept having panic attacks, because I wasn’t masked and I kept expecting Confrontation. Possibly violent.

      1. In CA, masking is still required by all stores, and they seem to take it seriously where I live (on the fringes of the Bay Area). My daughter worked at Costco, and had people complain to her about others – and even her! – not doing masking right. Not so much not wearing them, but not following their ideas of how to do it. Insane. So, just because I’d like to get my groceries without any more additional stress, I’ve caved and just wear an old piece of t-shirt tied in the back and slipped over my face. Very pirate-y.

  3. Please pray for me. I just interviewed at a Catholic school that requires teachers to make a pledge to be faithful to the Magisterium. The first thing they said to me was “It’s fine, you don’t need to wear a mask”.

    They are entirely mask-optional – as the head of school told me, they would die on that hill – and they don’t enforce the nonsense “social distancing” either.

    Let me tell you, after a year of this it was an island of sanity. I hope they take me.

  4. Even the CDC.GOV website has an article pointing to lab-grade studies going back to 1946 that showed wearing masks are not effective against viral infection. The medical community has known this for decades, and yet they are the ones who are currently the most stringent at enforcing masks. They know good and well that masks don’t prevent viral spread. That’s why I have concluded that this is purely political. It’s Marxism on the march…

    The article is at the following address. Scroll down to the portion addressing masks.

  5. Next time if ever surgery is your destiny tell the surgeon no mask is required, feel free to breath, drop spittle into my open cavity as mask are not preventive just decorative.
    Tell the surgeon how you know best for you have proof of their non-efficacy. You might consider telling the dentist the same thing.
    Lockdown doesn’t work either that’s why New Zealand is riddled with covid and European countries are doing lockdowns as a last resort.
    Then again since covid is a construct take a trip to India, as soon as please, report back what a shame it all is from the ground…
    remember no social distancing and certainly no mask wearing for irrefutable proof.

    1. I see you need help with basic logic – You’ve dome to the right place!

      Straw Men: That’s when you don’t want to answer the actual claim, and therefore substitute another, typically emotionally charged position, and pretend that’s what your opponent is saying.

      Thus, for example, you ignore the caveats and conditions around surgical mask wearing, and instead go all dramatic. If the caveats and conditions are honored, I do not in fact care if the dentist or surgeon wears a mask or not. It’s called scientific literacy, another topic you’ve come to the right place for! HTH!

      Lockdowns: This is called cherry picking the data. For fun, I could give you a set of graphs charting attributed death rates by state/country, except with the names removed, and ask you to identify those with harsh lockdowns and those with little or no lockdowns – and you couldn’t do it, because nobody can – there isn’t any consistent difference. BUT if cherry pick only cases you think support your claims and ignore those that don’t, you can “prove” any assertion. It’s called Confirmation Bias, and there is a real pandemic of that disorder raging all around us.

      Hope that helps. I’d be happy explain any other logic or science issues you don’t understand. Of course, I’m assuming you’re not just another. terrified little rabbit, eager to do whatever you’re told, but instead are emotionally able to consider the possibility that you’ve been snowed – as all the evidence suggests, once you understand how to read evidence according to fundamental principles of science.

      1. Cherry picking, straw manning, confirmation biases… what about availability heuristics while we’re at it. But I get it, mine was a cynical comment but I think you over complicated my case.
        point one : Mask wearing in operating theaters (dental clinics) is a universally excepted practice and done for good reason.
        Take handwashing as a case in point:
        you need only read the first 2 paragraphs to see how and why hygiene practices have advanced.
        Mask wearing, social distancing, hand sanitizing along with contact tracing are all good practical ways of taking on Covid. But first you need to recognize that it is out there in the population. In my case it isn’t, we have managed to head it off at the pass and keep it that way, if you get my drift.
        point 2: If you take a look at Australia, UK, NZ they have a system of localizing the lock- downs when transmission is taking hold in the community. In Australia, it can be state by state lock-downs, no exiting , no arrivals. NZ and Australia use MIQ’s for returning citizens. There is a mixture of strategies, one goal is to contain, but in the case of NZ it is to eliminate. I could be called cautious and I cannot trust others to be the same, as is their right. I stick to commonsense practicalities out in the Covid world, I work at the border and come into close proximity to Covid infected travelers, returnees and transiting.
        point 3: Cherry picking is a two way street.

      2. It seems we over complicated things by actually bothering to understand them.

        point one : Mask wearing in operating theaters (dental clinics) is a universally excepted practice and done for good reason.


        That reason is accidental snacks.

        Not “someone may breath on me.”

        If you’d ever had a child in the NICU, you’d be aware that while they are very stringent on washing up, and covering your clothes in protective layers, they do not have you wear masks. Because you are not at risk to either spit in an open wound, or get a splash of blood into your mouth.

        Similarly, in nursing homes, you wear a mask when someone is not in control of their bodily functions and might spit in such a way that it lands in your mouth. Obvious ick.

        Mask wearing, social distancing, hand sanitizing along with contact tracing are all good practical ways of taking on Covid.

        Assuming the conclusion without support.

        Handwashing is indeed a good way to control the infection vectors.
        …problem being, by use of soap post-mask-mandates, it goes down when there is forced masking. Even accounting for traffic changes.

        Additionally, “contract tracing” turned out to be actively a bad idea, because it was built on the assumption that China and the WHO were not lying about when the disease started to spread.
        Which is why “Contract Tracing” required assuming that people who had been exposed even mere hours before were infection vectors, and the risk lingered for days. Because that was the only way to explain infections in places that hadn’t had another vector in the appropriate timeframe.

        …this did not deal well with samples from French fecal samples that found COVID-19 back in…was in September? Nor the Seattle Flu Project, which was silenced and removed after unauthorized testing and reporting of samples from early November.

        point 3: Cherry picking is a two way street.

        Can be.

        Requires someone give evidence to show the street’s used both ways, though.

      3. “Not “someone may breath on me.”
        Down a rabbit hole we go with that one…
        surgeon’s accidental snacks is why they wear masks?
        not sure I understand that one and did bother. I thought I was commenting on basic hygiene and best practice.
        Contact tracing is a good tool IMO as it allows pinning down only those who need to be e.g. in contact and close proximity so the rest can go about their business. Seems reasonable to me.
        This is a cherry picked two way street, you have your views and I have mine. Essentially it comes down to what “evidence” you believe is correct. Luck and timing plays a big role and no, I don’t have evidence of that just weary old life experience.

      4. Dude, if you can not bother to be basically informed, stop trying to lecture people. Stuff isn’t hard to find.

        You were commenting on a subject….but without bothering to understand the reasons why it was used.

        That is called many things, including superstition and cargo-cult-ism.

        Attempting to shift a specific case to a general case suggests that you are not acting in good faith, even beyond prior suggestions.

        That you want to insist that the possibility of bad faith and bad evidence is proof of the same on both sides, when it has only been shown or even suggested on one side… rather seals it.

        Thank you for demonstrating you have no valid foundation.

      5. Did I lecture you? acting in bad faith? I fail to see how I did this. I gave you example of why I support the mask wearing and other behaviours to control Covid in the community and how some countries are doing this. You condemn this as useless no doubt but then I ask, why do they do this if it has no value.
        The answer is that in the cases in which they followed simple rules of masks, sanitize, tracing, lock down, social distancing it worked, that is my evidence if you will. Call that a generality. Thank you for telling me I have no valid foundation, very subjective of you.

    2. Iowa, in the USA– center of the US, a major transit center, happens to have a population that makes it easy to compare to both Canada and the US as a whole– both had very high testing rates, never had a mask mandate (the Governor at one point ASKED us to wear masks*) and did not do a lockdown, only did a shutdown– had numbers that made both the US on average and Canada look bad, for both bad outcomes and for over-all test results. Our positives didn’t go up until the known to be highly inaccurate tests were applied, weekly, at colleges– at which point the bad outcomes were still going down.

      This in a state with above average numbers for nursing homes and elderly people; when folks aren’t here, they’re in Florida.
      Which…well, the numbers will also hurt your assumptions.

      * which I objected to, because the outbreaks were in cities with enforced mask mandates

      1. Complicating factor, we did have a “nasty flu” that didn’t pop positive on flu tests, after Thanksgiving and before Christmas.

        But that can’t possibly be the Commie Crud. China assures us that it didn’t exist before about Christmas, and the WHO backed them up.

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