Your Top Christmas Music?

Saw some lists like this on YouTube, thought to myself, I did: the Loyal Readers here could certainly do better.

Here’s my stab. Which one I like best changes depending, any one of these can be number one at any moment. Deal. Also, I’m a singer and a choir rat, so I favor choirs. You needn’t. Onward:

Alison Kraus & Yo-Yo Ma, the Wexford Carol:

O Magnum Mysterium, Tomas Louis Victoria:

Lots of good versions out there.

Nova, Nova, Ave Fit Ex Eva- Williametta Spencer:

Tempo is a little slow to my taste, but still beautiful.

Personet Hodie, a medieval carol:

Coventry Carol:

I like the traditional setting very much, but this arrangement and performance are excellent, too:

I’ll add more as I think of them or as your killer suggestions roll in.

Merry Christmas!

Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

7 thoughts on “Your Top Christmas Music?”

  1. Aside from being very well arranged and performed, this verse cracks me up:

    Come butler, come fill us a bowl of the best,
    Then we hope that your soul in heaven may rest.
    But if you do draw us a bowl of the small,
    To the devil go butler, bowl and all!

    (see video at 1:09)

    Some versions say “Down go butler, bowl and all,” but “to the devil” is way better. And all over a bowl of beer! Break out the good stuff and we’ll pray for your soul, otherwise to hell with you.

    1. Has a bit of that ‘protection racket’ vibe, a little like the implied threat in ‘trick or treat’.

      Class relations among the English have always been a bit baffling to me.

  2. Not Christmas, but Advent.

    I’ve never heard any song in any voice that conveyed so much anguished longing.

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