For the Record…

I will not be taking any COVID vaccine for many years, if ever, and recommend no one take it, either. Because:

  • If it were possible to create effective vaccines against constantly mutating airborne respiratory viruses, we’d all get a one-time flu & cold shot and be done with it. Big Pharma would be highly motivated by the billions they would make on such a vaccine, if it were possible to make it. But we don’t, and nobody has done it. I will believe it when I see it, as in, years of evidence from disinterested parties.
  • Effectiveness and side effects will not be known for many months, probably several years. Beware rush jobs when billions of dollars stand to be made by them.
  • I will not allow our clearly corrupt government to decide for me what I have to do for my health. They don’t care about the 123K people killed by the lockdowns so far; why now so concerned with me and mine?
  • Finally, COVID is such a ridiculous low risk disease for me and anyone even moderately healthy, the idea that I’d need to take any steps at all beyond what one should take for the flu is Orwellian insanity.

Also for the record, I am not anti vax. I’m anti rushed, needless, government and big pharma mandated vaccines that stand to make some people much richer and are designed to humiliate into compliance anyone who dares flip them the bird.

Consider the bird flipped.

The tragically powerful story behind the lone German who ...

Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

10 thoughts on “For the Record…”

    1. In this earlier post – – a numbers guy did what I propose to do at the end of the year: look at all deaths by cause. Unless they change it, the CDC gives you expected deaths by cause of death. According to the source – and I didn’t do the math myself, but it certainly seems reasonable – in non-COVID related causes of death, such as suicide, murder, cancer, and so on, the totals are running 123K over projections; Total overage is about 220K. That leaves under 100K COIVD deaths, unless something really counterintuitive is happening.

      From another source, a report out of John Hopkins that they promptly apologized for and took down (but not the webinar upon which the report is based, last I checked) it is observed that the rise in COVID deaths is pretty much completely offset by an unprecedented decline in traditional causes of death in the elderly. Thus, for the demographic most affected – elderly, very sick people – they show up as having died of COVID at the expense of heart failure, renal failure, etc. This is the inevitable result of the three-step process for reporting COVID deaths: all deaths ‘involving’ COVID are listed; if COVID appears anywhere on the death cert, COVID is considered involved; the instructions for filling out the death cert demands COVID be included if there is the slightest reason to suspect it may be ‘involved’.

      So, assuming the CDC doesn’t monkey with the numbers – and they already have removed some helpful numbers from their website, so I’m not betting on it – I will personally do this analysis in the new year. I will post the results.

  1. Thanks for the clarification, Joseph. FYI: RT reports that Russia had 106K excess deaths between Apr and Sept. Of that total, as few as 20K May have been Covid. Amazing how pervasive and synchronous the panic was.

  2. I won’t be getting it, and I want my kids kept well away, too. But my husband works in the medical field and lacks my inborn distrust of authority. He’ll almost certainly get it. I worry about that.

    1. Well, it’s probably more like the virus itself – nothing to worry about if you are otherwise healthy. But the fact that a pharmaceutical company with billions on the line can ram something through in six months when most drugs take a decade to get developed in approved does not sit well, to say the least. Especially a pharmaceutical company that has paid approaching $3 billion in fines and penalties in the last couple decades for fraud.

      1. Especially a company that’s being legally protected from any liability for anything that goes wrong.

        I’m not against vaccines. My kids have been vaccinated. But I don’t want to be part of the experimental test group.

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