Propaganda: Don’t Acknowledge Any Argument

I think it was Goebbels who said: Lie big, and stick to it. Never answer, or even acknowledge, any criticism. Soon, your lie will become accepted wisdom, and any questioning of it will be seen as insane, evil, or both.

We’re there. The successes of this strategy are not merely numerous and ubiquitous, but form the basis of modern culture. For example:

Marriage is optional. Divorce is morally neutral, if not a positive good. Nothing bad happens when families are built on less than a handshake and destroyed on less than a whim. The vey idea that it is a great evil for a child to be deprived of a mother and father and a home is terrible bigotry.

Homosexuality is a positive good, at least as good as heterosexual relationships. The very idea that there is any reason besides base bigotry and fear (‘homophobia’) that virtually every culture throughout human history has condemned homosexuality, let alone that it is a sin that cries to heaven for vengeance, is insane and a foundational evil. Only an evil person would dare notice the shortened, unhealthy, and unhappy lives typical lived by gay men, or the violence rampant among gay women, because such things are a) not true, and, simultaneously, b) caused by bigotry and homophobia.

Marriage has no basis in anything other than the desires of the people who want to call their relationships to any number of people, animals, things, or ideas a marriage. To say otherwise is rank bigotry.

Race doesn’t exist, can be freely chosen, and is determinative of one’s oppressor/oppressed status. Hating people for being white is not racism; failure to note so0mebody’s race and react according to the current oppressor/oppressed status of that race is racism.

Sex doesn’t exist. Gender, of which there are any number of flavors from which anyone can choose, and choose again upon a moment’s notice, is a thing the choice of which is both a sacred right and a social construct. Saying otherwise is rank bigotry.

Everything is a social construct. Failure to believe this is objectively wrong and evil.

And so on. These beliefs, which in every culture that has ever existed would get you locked up, shunned, or worse, are now REQUIRED in order to hold a job in many industries. It is not merely morally required to hate anyone who does not accept these ideas, any mitigating activity, up to and including murder, is appropriate and will soon be required.

A comparatively minor one: COVID 19 is worse than the Black Death, worse than the 1918 Spanish Flu. 200,000,000 people have died of it – Biden and Harris say so!- it is a crazy conspiracy theory to believe otherwise.

On the docket: Pederasty, child sex, necrophilia, beastiality – absolute acceptance of these is not (unless I missed it – things move fast) required yet, but they soon will be.

Something that can’t go on forever will end. Nobody said that end has to be tidy.

Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

5 thoughts on “Propaganda: Don’t Acknowledge Any Argument”

  1. Looking at it from the working-class side of things… I’m worried. I still have a few Nice Liberal friends… and they have *no idea* how much anger and resentment is building up among the regular working folks over this stuff. It feels like the pitchforks and torches could come out at any time— x10 now that a certain infamous laptop is giving the proles a very explicit look at how our self-declared betters amuse themselves.

    We do stuff like that, what happens? Jail. Single parenthood. A lifetime of menial jobs. Broke AF and living in roach-infested apartments with dangerous neighbors. Them? No worries. There’s a trust fund, and Daddy will set them up with a sweet no-show job (everybody owes him a favor) and all the hookers and coke they could ever want.

    There are a LOT of people out here who’ve been working hard and keeping their noses clean, and just got wiped out by the lockdowns. You may imagine what’s going through their heads about now, with the ex-veep promising “LOCKDOWNS 4 EVAH!” while we’re all treated to a close-up of his son’s… lifestyle. And these are the people who scold us about our -isms and want to tell us how to raise our kids. Because they’re such experts at it…

    I am praying that we have a decisive Trump victory, that he has the sense to make a very public example of some of the most corrupt ones at the top, and that it’s enough to settle things down.

    The natives are restless.

    1. Some of us, embedded in AWFL, and, let’s face it, belonging to Cloud People class themselves, have your back. As much as we love metaphysics, we know that we don’t want our daughters to marry philosophers.

      Side note: “…[race] can be freely chosen, and is determinative of one’s oppressor/oppressed status”

      I’m currently testing the claims put forth by the altright (not the NYT version) aka race realists aka dissident right, etc. that all “racism” actually means an excuse for hatin’ and fearin’ and resenting Whitey. The claim is plausible because:

      1. No one really gives a rat’s pink backside about “races” like Japanese or Tongans or Uighurs or even Amerindian tribes unless they can be piggy-backed onto blacks or (sometimes) Jews.

      2. No “oppressed” pinko Chinese-American ever became instantly a racist oppressor after stepping off the plane in Peking.

      3. Most of the anti-racist campaigns could substitute Jew and Palestinian for white and black and still make perfect sense.

      4. No-one EVER fakes being white. Interesting, nu?

      So I’m using “people experiencing Whiteness” in various venues, left and right, to see what reaction I get. We’ll see what happens.

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