Recap: Last Couple Weeks

Let’s start with pleasant things:

Yesterday, the family travelled to Napa to hear a talk by Joseph Pearce at Kolbe Academy. Very charming man. He has lead an interesting life, an English ex-pat, and another convert to Catholicism from atheism, and a former racist nationalist (although he got over it in his mid-20’s, so it pretty much qualifies as youthful folly). He’s another man who read his way to Catholicism, with the indispensable help of kind believers along the way.

I spoke with him briefly, and just now sent him a copy of John C. Wright’s Book of Feasts and Seasons. He had read Benson’s Lord of the World and, recently, A Canticle for Leibowitz, but those were the only Science Fiction discussed, and only because I asked. I figured he needed some more. Hope he can find time to read it.

Second, got to go to a beautiful All Soul’s Day mass at St. Mary’s Cathedral in San Francisco, celebrated by Archbishop Cordileone. The Benedict 16 Choir (ha!) sang Duarte Lobo’s Missa pro defunctis. I was not familiar with Lobo, but he is a Portuguese composer, a somewhat younger contemporary of Victoria and a master of polyphony. By the time he died, he was a throwback, writing ‘old’ music when Baroque had just become ascendant.

Our beloved archbishop vested in black, as did the 2 priests and 3 deacons with him. He celebrated the Ordinary Form in English ad orientem – a rather unusual combination in my experience.

Very beautiful and moving, despite the limitations (not conducive to a capella singing) and quirks (weirdly laid out sanctuary that often requires acolytes and deacons to be stationed 50 feet away from the altar) of the Cathedral building. The only sad part is that only a few hundred people showed up, which in a building that large looks like nobody. Perhaps if they keep this up for a few years, the crowds will grow.

Job hunt is not going anywhere at the moment.

My poor daughters! Eldest is now at the hospital with her fiance, who came down with some sort of GI problem that caused enough pain and dehydration that he is hospitalized. Please pray for a quick and complete recovery, so that they can prepare for their wedding in joy.

South Sudan, where younger daughter is working, is in the throws of yet more political turmoil. The people, who have lived through decades of strife, can get understandably panicky at rumors. Here’s a note from her alma mater: More prayers would be appreciated.

And… That’s about all for now. Don’t know when I’ll get back to regular blogging.

Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

6 thoughts on “Recap: Last Couple Weeks”

  1. I have prayed for your children (including the son-to-be) and hope to do so again. It’s the fate of the absent-minded Lutheran. Often praying, seldom for whom I ought.

    Thank you for the music.

  2. Our pastor has been celebrating the Ordinary form in English ad orientem for several years now. He’s acquired a supply of traditional chasubles and said Mass Saturday morning in the black one. Preached a smackdown of Frs. James Martin and Richard Rohr yesterday. Over the last five years, our is the fastest-growing parish in the diocese.

    I’ll add the small weight of my prayers to the others for your prospective son-in-law.

    1. Wow, that’s awesome. There is a parish 25 minutes away where the Sunday masses go: OF in English, OF in Latin, EF in Latin – all ad orientem. We go there maybe once or twice a month. All the nearby parishes do OF in English ad populum exclusively.

      What made that Saturday Mass so special was the *archbishop* did it in the heart of freakin’ San Francisco. Reminds me of a story a priest once told years ago, of celebrating Mass in the Soviet Union, in his hotel room overlooking Red Square. He said that, at the Elevation, while facing the window, he couldn’t help thinking: ‘Take THAT, you bastards!”

      Thanks for the prayers.

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