Brief Home Improvement Update

Probably should wait a couple days to post an update, when I have the fence installed, but, hey.

Ten days ago, when we last checked in, the Endless Brick Project looked like this:

Tower stubs, rebar, cap bricks positioned & marked for cutting so that the fence rods can pass the through and get epoxied to the bricks.

As of today, we’re here:

Cap bricks cut for fence rods and mortared in; towers completed; wrought iron style fence staged.

Also spent an afternoon making some hardware: four pieces of angle iron cut and drilled so that the rebar can pass through it and the fence can be bolted on, as well as two rods bent and cut to make simple hinges for the gate off the front porch, and some little angle iron brackets that will allow (I hope) for the concrete to better grip the hinges. Had fun, after a fashion, wishing I had hotter heat (used a propane torch, not clear it heated the rod enough to make any difference, didn’t get red hot, at least not in daylight) and an anvil, so that bending the rod could have been a little quicker and tidier. Ended up clamping 4 5lbs weights together as an anvil and hammering the rod while trying to not to break anything or burn myself. It kind worked. Anyway:

One of the two hinges at the top. All this stuff gets epoxied into position and then set in concrete. I’ll show pictures when done.

Further updates as events warrant.

Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

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