Music at Mass Nano-Review 5/5/19

Due to scheduling requirements, we went to a Children’s Mass this morning that we almost never attend.

There’s nothing that elevates the spiritual experience of the Holy Eucharist quite like having a gaggle of pitchy tween girls sing praise tunes in a reverby box of a church building with rock band level amplification.

Image result for back to the future amp gif

The girls were darling, of course, which I suppose is the point. Have a nice Sunday!

Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

4 thoughts on “Music at Mass Nano-Review 5/5/19”

  1. We’re traveling, so went to a totally new church… it’s the Senior Mass, as in graduates.

    Priest called them all forward for a blessing at the end of Mass, did a nice little blessing, and then spent a couple of minutes telling them (directly, but charmingly) to GO TO CHURCH. They can always come back to THIS church, but go to Church wherever they are!

    WAs the first time I’ve ever seen someone mention that.

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