Saying ‘No’ to Gender Theory: Case Study (cont’d)

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In previous posts (here and here) I’ve mentioned how our little school, which my wife and I helped found 23 years ago, through which all 5 of our children passed (our 15 year old is still there) and for which my wife worked, often for no pay, over most of the last 20 years, has decided that not calling someone by his preferred pronoun is, effectively, a hate crime subjecting the perp to discipline by the school. The way the rule was worded extended the reach of the school everywhere: never mind if it’s accidental, the person referred to isn’t there at the time, or, theoretically, at least, if it happens off campus: comply, or suffer the consequences.

The latest: at last night’s Assembly Meeting (parents + students + at large members – attendance is optional, so maybe 20 people showed up) where we pass next year’s budget, elect officers, fill committees and hear reports, my wife, one of the very bravest people I’ve ever known, stood up and announced that she was not returning for staff next year, because the school had mandated compliance with ‘gender affirmation’, making it an offense subject to school discipline for anyone to not use a person’s preferred pronoun, and effectively silencing all opposition.

A few people actually make surprised and sympathetic noises, but, apart from me and our 15 year old son, everyone was on the side of gender theory. The best we got were some questions on why it wasn’t OK for someone to disagree if they were polite about it, and a few ‘it was nice knowing you’ testimonials. The Dunning-Kruger crowd, who orchestrated chasing us off and thinks they’re going to run things just fine, was predictably silent.

My beloved’s sense of duty will keep her there for the next 5 weeks until school is out. Our son, who will likewise finish the year, will be ‘home schooled’ (meaning: he can do whatever he wants, which these days means reading, doing an hour of Khan Academy, Boy Scout stuff and playing video games) until he’s 16. Then, he can figure out what he wants to do next, and we’ll strategize. (All his 4 siblings went to college with no more prep than he has now. I repeat: don’t sweat this stuff!)

There are a few loose ends to tie up, but basically, we’re done and frankly relieved. I don’t expect this to end quite this quietly, but am at a loss to imagine, at this point, how the diabolical ugliness will next manifest itself.

Further updates as events warrant.


Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

2 thoughts on “Saying ‘No’ to Gender Theory: Case Study (cont’d)”

  1. Homeschooling, even for the short time you have left before college, is a much better use of your time. With the complete mind wipe the rest of the school seems to have has suffered, were there clues of their disconnect from reality over the last few years? I would have thought there must have been signs of political correct insanity popping up in lots of places. Thanks for your posts of your encounters on the front lines of the war for the soul of the culture.

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