Rustic High Table for the Pizza Oven

Sunny and about 90F today, so spent hours cleaning up around the pizza oven, trimming back the overhanging olive tree, cleaning up the piles of junk lying on the ground, leveling the dirt (a pile had formed during the excavation for the footings for the oven, and sort of never got dealt with). THEN decided it was high time I made a high table to go next to the oven as a working surface.

A friend from church gave me this:

Casualty of a bathroom remodel.

Figured I cut cut the sink hole portion off, and still have maybe a 42″ x 20″ table top. So I hit the scrapwood pile, and found some old fence posts and runners, and had at them:

Sized and notched.

Put them together so:

A bit too much on the dirty side of rustic…
Definitely need to run some sandpaper over this…

Added a little shelf. Then worked to get the area where it’s going to be level enough. Then positioned the table and tried to put the top on it.

Sanded it down some, added little slats to make a shelf and add stability. It’s pretty sturdy at this stage.

It was heavy. Too heavy, it seems, to support the end with the sink hole, which decided to break off and shatter on the ground just as I was positioning the top.

Oh, well. I was planning to cut that part off anyway.
Position relative to the pizza oven. Made it almost as tall as the oven floor, so that swinging stuff from the table to the oven and visa versa should not require adjusting height – a good thing when what you’re swinging tends to be very, very hot.

A that point, decided that having spent 6+ hours total working outside in the heat today, that I’d get out the diamond blade and angle grinder and clean up that edge first thing tomorrow. And clean up the mess. Ya know?

It will be cute, I think.

Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

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