Bricks, Fruits & Flowers: Update

Some seriously serious stuff coming down at Casa de Moore, I will write about it once the situation resolves itself. For now, let’s rejoice!

Finally finished the little brick tower and handrail thingie, except for finding and installing a mailbox on the larger tower:

The mailbox will go atop the tower on the left. Would an old ammo box send the wrong message? Tempting…
Need to spray all this with mortar stain removers.

Next, spring has righteously sprung:

They don’t show up well, but there are lots of little apricots on this tree and its neighbor, and lots of little peaches on the trees behind. This is Year 3, the first year one is supposed to let the trees bear fruit, after two years of setting roots, if they are up to it. Looking good so far.

The pear is in bloom….
…as is the cherry.
Lots of tiny figs on the dwarf fig tree.

The pomegranate doesn’t bloom for a while; the citrus tree shows nothing yet – it has only born a few fruits, like single digits, over its existence. Our late son asked once what would happen if he planted a seed he found in a piece of fruit. We said, of course, plant it and see. So he did, and the little tree sat in a window box until it got too big, then in a pot on the patio, then a half wine barrel. I had to trim it rather ruthlessly, as it was clearly not happy being small in a barrel. Finally, we stuck it in the ground out front and it took off. I have to trim it even more ruthlessly now. But no fruit.

The avocados are a disaster, stunted and bare. I think it just got too cold for them and I didn’t do enough to keep them warm. Avocados are fragile when small, and very tough when mature, but really are subtropical. We are definitely not. I only try because there are plenty of avocado trees growing in Concord, so it can work. Getting them past the first few years seems to be the trick.

Further reports as events warrant.

Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

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