Update: Day 3. Writing, Home Improvement, Hatch Green Chile

(A bit of thinking out loud here. Sure when/if I get better at this, there won’t be so much. One hopes.)

Day Three of The Plan:

  • Phone interview for job in London set for next Wednesday. Question is really just how wildly overqualified they want to go here, and how much are they willing to pay? If they are in the ballpark, then the next question is the big one: does the family – me, my wife, 14 yr old son, and grandma + an obnoxious cat – want to move to the U.K. for a decade? Stay tuned.
  • Finished the rewrites of Rock based on beta readers’ input. Thanks again, everybody! Now, must let it sit for a few days, reread with fresher eyes. A couple beta readers made points I couldn’t figure how to address, so might be just a tad more work involved. (All this for a 3,000 word story that’s pretty light weight. Normal?) I have really no idea who, if anyone, would be interested in publishing this – that’s the next hurdle.
  • Finishing up The White-Handled Blade, the YA Arthurian story I set aside a year plus ago, with the battle scene and wrap-up to go. Added net about 2,000 words. Drafted the battle, seems OK; have pretty good idea how to wrap it up. One problem: I use a ton of unpronounceable Welsh words in the course of the story. Sometimes, I’ll have one character mention, say, a cyhyraeth, and then later have another character refer to it as a wraith – I’m hoping to have people get the gist without either having to spell out what each kind of eldritch creature in Welsh mythology corresponds to in more common language or eliminating the colorful names. (That they don’t exactly correspond I was planning to gloss over, as in how Juno and Hera aren’t actually the same goddess but who cares?) Don’t want to talk down to younger readers (I hated that, quick end to anything I started to read as a kid) but between place names and boogeymen,  that’s a lot of Ll and Cwn and Gwr for a reader to deal with… Coming in at 10-11K words. Oh, yea – beta readers? 
  • Haven’t begun the education history book. Mostly clean up of dangling incomplete tasks at this point. I think I need to get some sense of accomplishment/yes, I can do this by finishing stuff before I take on a much larger and what is sure to be more frustrating task.
  • Also barely looked at The Novel Soon to Have a Working Title. May want to work on that first, dunno – key is that I’m writing *something* every day.
  • On the maintenance/repairs/cleaning front, trying to finish up the section of brickwork out front, got almost all the path done (ran out of sand, of all things!):

Hope it’s becoming clear how this will look: 2′ wide walk along the curb; 16″ tall brick planter topped by a 3′ iron fence. There will necessarily be a gap to allow access to the in-ground water meter, then an identical planter & fence on the other side. Should be cute, and keep those darn kids out of the fruit trees! (very few darn kids in the neighborhood, but still…)

  • Hatch green chile! August is when they harvest the chile grown in the Rio Grande valley south of Albuquerque. Hatch is a town right in the middle of the chile growing region, and so lends its name to the produce. This is the good stuff, why people who’ve come to love New Mexican cuisine are never completely happy with green chile from elsewhere. Some fresh Hatch green chiles showed up at the local Safeway. This morning, we all had  huevos rancheros, which is over easy eggs on top of a dollop of beans on top of corn tortillas, smothered in red or green or both (“Christmas”) chile sauce and topped with cheese. Whipped up some green chile sauce (roast, peel, de-seed and chop the chiles, simmer in some chicken stock, dash salt). There was much rejoicing. Alas! Fresh Hatch green chiles disappeared from Safeway after just a week!
  • Wednesday was the first day in a week or so where I didn’t feel completely well. Too muddle-headed for much of the day to write. But it may be something that’s just going around, as several other family members seemed to have similar headache/tired/ not quite right days. But, hey, soooo much better than the last 10 months, I’m not complaining. Still got almost 4 hours of writing in.

Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

3 thoughts on “Update: Day 3. Writing, Home Improvement, Hatch Green Chile”

  1. Either you’re desperate for a job or you’ve secretly always wanted to live in England. Otherwise I can’t imagine why you would even interview. : )

    1. Also, if it turns out grandma doesn’t want to go (nobody is going to force her) then I’m imagining training around Great Britain with the wife and son every other weekend, and hitting mainland Europe several times a year. Italy, France, Spain, Poland, Croatia, Czech Republic, Austria – I wanna go!

      That’s what ‘living in London’ really means to me.

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