2nd of July Update

A. Made a little progress on the 3rd year and running Never-ending Front Yard Brickwork Project of Doom:

Got the forms removed, added a couple feet of brick walk. I needed to see how it looked before deciding exactly where to position the column that will hold up the fence. Thinking the column should be about 4-6″ in front of the wall, to add a little articulation. Yes, I’m that geeky and obsessive.  
This gives some idea where we’re going with this. Column on the end where the rebar is sticking up, 8″ (2 bricks wide) wall along the front nearest the street, 12″ planter in the middle, 4″ wide wall in the back. 3′ tall iron fence runs down the middle of the 8″ wide 16″ tall wall, flanked at either end by a brick column. Then, after the gap for the water meter, an identical set up on the other side. Fearful symmetry. 
Oh look! A row of bricks for the 4″ wall! The Caboose and I threw them down just now. 

It will be extremely cute, with a little orchard behind it and climby plants in the planters, maybe some rosemary hanging down. Hope I live long enough to enjoy it…

B. Speaking of which, still ill. Still think it’s at least partly the blood pressure drugs, but to be honest I’ve gained a frightful amount of weight over the last 25 years, to the point where I need to own that that’s most likely the root of the problems. So, I’ve cut calories by about 1/3. All I need to do is keep that up for a couple years,,,,

It would be good to get some regular exercise, but that’s tricky when I can’t count on feeling up to it at any regular time. Getting long walks in when I can. So I’m logging blood pressure readings several times a day, keeping track of when I take the meds and how I’m feeling. Then when my doctor gets back after the 4th, we need to talk.

No reading, very little writing – mostly just this blog. Concentration is intermittent. More apologies to my beta readers – I am grateful and will get back to you soon, I hope.

C. Finally, got laid off from my job of 21+ years. While not the prime cause, I don’t think, being unable to focus or even stay awake at work helped things. So now I have about 5 months to find another job before I have to start in on my retirement savings. Wish me luck. Say a prayer if you’re into that sort of thing. I’m in much better shape than most people who go through this sort of thing, thank God, and I’m frankly glad to get out of what has long been a deteriorating work situation. But it’s no fun.


Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

5 thoughts on “2nd of July Update”

  1. Well you write better under the weather than most people do with a clear head. I’m really sorry about your job and will certainly pray for you. Any feeling for what your prospects are like?

    By the way, I have a couple of planting areas around my lawn, that are lined with bricks just stuck into the dirt. Obviously over the years they have become more and more uneven as the ground shifts and the grass grows, etc. I have thought about digging a trench under where the bricks are, and pouring some kind of a concrete foundation to lay the bricks on top of, so they stay stable; just one row of bricks, nothing fancy, just to act as a landscape border, not a wall. How deep a trench do you recommend for that purpose?

    1. Thanks for your prayers. Theoretically, as an MBA with 25+ years experience, finding a job should not be all that difficult. But you never know.

      I have been pouring footings about 3.5 – 4” deep. Seems to hold up fine. Not holding up much weight, which sounds like what you’re after.

  2. Well, now is supposed to be the time to be looking– good luck.

    For weight– do you “do” supplements? I had a LOT of luck with one of those cheap “B complex energy supplements,” both for weight and alertness. Just make sure you take it in the morning.

  3. Sounds like a “their loss” sort of situation with them letting you go. I will pray for your intentions today on my rosary. I hope this helps in your desire to write more!
    The walk seems to be coming along great. In response to Agellius’s question I suspect it depends on where he/she lives. If there is a freeze/thaw cycle anything less than digging down past the frozen tundra point won’t cut it. You will still be dealing with a lot of movement over time.
    God bless everyone on this 4th of July!

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