Throwin’ Down the Boodog. Seriously.

My compulsive surfing of YouTube turned up this wonderful video of some real Mongolians preparing and eating the classic Mongolian delicacy boodog with the enthusiasm appropriate to such a feast. As previously discussed on this here blog, first, you kill the goat:


The only tragedy from the non-goat perspective is that the dish is not pronounced Boo Dog, but rather, as you can hear on the video below, something more like buh-dig.

After watching the preparation and the party in the yurt, and seeing how it turned out, I’m thinking it’s not half as bad as it sounds: goat meat roasted in the goat’s own skin using hot rocks on the inside and a blowtorch on the outside.

Burning goat hair. That’s gotta smell – not good? But you end up with roasted goat with vegetables in a broth – sounds like dinner, and the people in the video seemed to like it just fine.

I did notice, however, a lot a vodka drunk straight from the bottle. We will generously assume it’s just traditional Mongol celebration drinking and not a necessary aide to getting the boodog down.

Anyway, I here repeat my call to use “Throwin’ Down the Boodog!” as the ultimate call to par-tay! Because boodog!

Since Youngest Son is off to a week of camping tomorrow early, we will be throwing down the Father’s Day boodog this evening. Since suburban Contra Costa County is woefully short goats, we will be throwing down with barbecued burgers, corn, guacamole and watermelon, and either some beer or margaritas.

So what do you think? Would you eagerly attend a real Mongolian barbecue to get a little of that boodog action?

Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

5 thoughts on “Throwin’ Down the Boodog. Seriously.”

    1. Mongolia is not high on my places to visit list. Well above Somalia and Haiti, sure, but not high. Probably in the Tajikistan range, somewhat after Nepal.

      So unless a truly authentic Mongolian barbecue place opens near Concord, CA, not too likely.

      But if one does, I’m all over it!

  1. Hell yeah.

    Out here in Michigan, still looking for a restaurant (or church) in the downriver area of Detroit that will serve muskrat on Fridays in Lent. Like they did in the fifties.

    1. I’m pretty sure St. Charles Parish in Newport, MI still puts on a pretty big muskrat fry every Lent. As for restaurants, Kola’s Food Factory in Riverview sells them.

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