Beta Readers – Anyone? Bueller?

(Never seen that movie. Should I have?)

Loyal reader Foxfier kindly suggested I “Find the folks whose feedback was most useful, ask them to beta-read the other stuff you have…” and, well, I have not yet found the folks whose feedback was most useful, so here goes nuthin’:

Got a couple finished stories straight off the ol’ cerebrum, plus a couple more almost done I’ll be highly motivated to finish if people step forward to offer to read them.  Then there’s the Novel That Shall Not Be Named. It would cruel to inflict that on anyone in its current state, so that I’ll hold off on it for now. (The education book(s) are notes and outlines and a big and growing pile of more books to read first at this point, so they are definitely not in the mix right now.) Therefore, the longest thing you’re likely to see out of me at this point is maybe 20,000 words – most will be MUCH shorter, like 3,000 – 5,000. The two ready to go now are in that latter range.

Image result for hill of iron
An Iron Age hill fort. Because Ferris means iron, and a Beuller is someone from a buehel, or hill, in Old German, and, so, like, someone from this place might be … clear evidence I’ve pushed this way farther than it will go….

Wanna be a beta reader? Both general and specific feedback would be appreciated, so, if you’d just want to read and give it a thumbs up or down, or  if you’re the type that not only has a blue pencil, but a favorite blue pencil, or anything in between, you are welcome.

Just drop me a line at yardsaleofthemind “at” gmail “dot” com, and I’ll send you stuff in the next couple days. If you don’t like it or can’t get around to it, I promise no hard feelings.

Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

12 thoughts on “Beta Readers – Anyone? Bueller?”

      1. If you were a kid/teen/ very young adult watching roughly when the film came out.. then it works. After that, give it a pass unless you need it for research purposes. The phrase? Well, considering how amazingly accurately the teacher was portrayed (not all are like that, but we’ve all had at least one that droned on and on and made the idea of watching paint dry seem Very Exciting) it had to stick. Who was Ferris Bueller? The cool kid (and jerk, really) Hollywood told us we should want to be but in reality nobody could really be as ‘jerk’ would always outweigh ‘cool’.

  1. (Never seen that movie. Should I have?)

    The primary appeal seems to be “it was an 80s movie.” If that’s your thing, then yes.

    I wish I could volunteer, but things are kind of…high stress here, right now.

  2. I will drop an e-mail, and I will encourage watching Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, with one vital caveat you have to remember: the real protagonist of the story is Alan Ruck’s Cameron, not Ferris. (It takes more than 20 minutes’ viewing to realize this, though, which is why the otherwise entirely estimable Mr. Burnett is incorrect on this point.)

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