Book Review: Daughter of Danger

Daughter of Danger, book 1 of the Dark Avenger’s Sidekick series and the fourth book in John C. Wright’s young adult Moth & Cobweb series, may be my favorite so far – but then again, I think whatever book in the series I was reading at the time was my favorite. A female ninja with Spider Man/Batman level powers and gadgets as well as a magic ring and a case of amnesia fights a city full of werewolves and sundry other evil eldritch creatures – with style! – as she seeks to discover who she is. Food, clothing, and a place to sleep would be nice as well. Short & sweet: epic fun, first book of a trilogy, click the link above and get on it!

Daughter of Danger: The Dark Avenger's Sidekick Book One (Moth & Cobweb 4) by [Wright, John C.]The story opens with our heroine having a very Arthurian vision: a lady in white appears to her, tells her that her life has been given back to her to serve the purposes of Heaven. She is relieved of all her prior oaths, and told that she is to save her beloved from falling into darkness. Then she is told to awaken, for those who would kill her are coming.

She awakens in a hospital bed in New York, IV in one arm, dressed only in a hospital gown, and wearing an invisible ring that smells like blood and which she cannot remove. She has no idea who she is or why she is in a hospital – she seems uninjured.

She tries to hide herself as three evil creatures – two werewolves and a huge satyr-like monster – enter the room. As they sniff her out from her hiding place, she remembers that she knows how to fight, and recalls specific instructions from the master who taught her on how a 100 lbs woman can defeat much larger opponents . In a epic battle, she escapes, kills the satyr, and discovers that the ring, properly used, allows her to float through the air, among other things. Her skimpy hospital gown is torn to tatters, so she finds a large American flag left out at night, and clothes herself with it.

Eventually, she rescues Elfine, a rather remarkable and indefatigable girl who is a Moth – a member of the Twilight people’s largest clan. She’s wildly magic and wildly out of control, but has a good heart and dream of becoming a detective, the nature of which profession she has only a very incomplete idea. She decides she need to help our heroine discover who she is, and to get her some clothes, some food and a place to sleep.

Adventures ensue. Epic battles and rescues and escapes. And mysteries that must be answered: Who is our heroine, whom Elfine names Ami? Where did she get that ring? Who was her master? Who is her beloved whom she is to save? And why are all these ghouls trying to kill her?

Buy this book, read it, read it to your kids. Ami is a completely lovable and admirable character, Elfine is a gas – and Ruff makes a cameo! I’m starting City of Corpses, Book 2 of the Dark Avenger’s Sidekick and Book 5 of Moth & Cobweb  tonight – got to see what happens next. Yard Sale of the Mind says: check it out!


Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

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