Kids These Days

Our delightful younger daughter (1) just turned 20 yesterday. When her mom asked her a couple weeks back what she wanted for her birthday, Laura (born on the Feast of St. Lawrence, ‘natch) Anna Kate, know as Anna Kate, thought about it, and decided: I want to jump out of an airplane.


After her usual practice, she researched, made a few calls and set it up. Skydive California is near Tracy, California, about an hour’s drive from Concord. She also asked her older brother Thomas to jump with her.

I took the day off to watch. On the morning of her birthday, we headed out to Tracy, and she and her brother jumped, as the certificate says, “out of a perfectly functioning aircraft.”


With little brother David, A.K.A. the Caboose

Boarding the plane:

Think that’s Anna Kate’s back…


I asked them to do that Right Stuff walk; Thomas pointed out that, with the jumpsuit and harness on, one can hardly walk any other way. 

As you can see, they came out of it in two perfectly functioning pieces.


  1. Of course, all our kids are delightful in my totally unbiased opinion

Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

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