How to Survive the Next 4 Years

Tips from an Old Guy for dealing with your outrage/depression/optimism/euphoria in a way that will strengthen you mind and soul. We’ll start with those whose candidate lost, then we’ll take it from the other side, which is a mirror image:

HRC fans:

  1. Make a list of all the bad things you  believe Trump will do or cause.
    1. Be specific: no ‘he’s a racist’ but instead ‘ he will round up blacks and imprison them without cause or trial’ – or whatever, it’s your list.
    2. Make it something *provable* not just a feeling.
  2. Follow the news. When a bad thing on the list happens, check it off
  3. *Document it* – you must be able to assign names, dates, sources, links to the events – or it doesn’t count.
  4. Get some counter-sources – find people (Breitbart, Fox, Drudge – whatever, I don’t read these much myself, but I suppose you’ll be able to find sources considered eeeevil). Extra credit: actually read the contradictory sources and explain how you know they’re wrong.

After 4 years, look at what you’ll have! A documented list of Trump atrocities, complete with references and answers to counter-arguments – in a form you can share with people you’d like to convince how evil he is! You will be able to constructively contribute to changing hearts and minds rather than just yelling at people and calling them names!


Trump fans:

  1. Make a list of all the things you believe will result from Trump’s election.
    1. Be specific: no ‘he’ll make America great again’ but instead ‘he will rescind all of Obama’s executive orders’ – or whatever, it’s your list.
    2. Make it something *provable* not just a feeling.
  2. Follow the news. When a thing on the list happens, check it off
  3. *Document it* – you must be able to assign names, dates, sources, links to the events – or it doesn’t count.
  4. Get some counter-sources – find people (in the dreaded MSM, I suppose) who will disparage/dismiss/offer counter-takes. Extra credit: actually read the contradictory sources and explain how you know they’re wrong.

The parts that will help your mind and soul:

  • the intellectual discipline of listing only objectively validatable claims
  • the emotional discipline of listing specific actions rather than just how something makes you feel
  • the spiritual discipline of putting the truth first, before partisan fervor.

In a moment of reckless generosity, I volunteer my services to anyone who makes or is making such a list as an impartial judge: I will read it, look at links, and let you know how convincing the evidence appears to me, an anti-partisan zealot. Just ask in the comments or contact me at the email on the About page.

Now, you may or may not change your own mind or feelings as a result of this exercise, but you should gain more clarity – and peace.

If everybody followed these simple steps, in 4 years or sooner, we’ll all have real thoughts and evidence to share! We might not have to vote based solely on which candidate insults us less or belongs to the party that did something nice once for my great-grandfather. We might even learn to gently correct those among us who refuse to do any of this work, but cling to their religion’s Bibles-by-whatever-name and media-calumny-guns. We might get in the habit of telling them to please shut up and grow up.

A man’s gotta dream.

Me? As an anti-partisan, my list will be a little different.  Background: As George Washington put it:

However [political parties] may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.

So old George and I loathe the very idea of political parties, seeing ample evidence of their deleterious effects all around us. (1) Plus, having reached voting age in time for Reagan’s first election, I got a first hand view of how it works – I fell for it. So, when I was told by every news source what a dangerous maniac Reagan was, how he’d destroy the country, start a nuclear war with the Soviet Union, and so on, I believed, and voted for Carter. 4 years later, I looked back at what Reagan said he do: unleash an economic boom and bring the Soviet Union to heel – and, well, these claims seemed a lot closer to what was actually happening than what was asserted by his enemies.(2)  So I went with reality over feelings.

One set of claims did not pan out, which occasioned massive and numerous mea culpas from all the major news sources, who then got in line to sing Ronnie’s praises.

Just kidding! Lesson 2: no amount of contradictory evidence would cause the haters to change their tunes. Almost without exception, the punditocracy was noticeably irritated that things did not go bad, were displeased that all those dirty little people seemed to actually like Reagan, and seemed eager for some evil to befall him and our country.

Next time, I voted for Reagan, and set a principle: ignore what the news sources say, look at the claims being made, as judge what seems reasonable based on experience. Vote accordingly.

Anyway, that whole period would be a good thing for any whippersnappers here to study – just make sure you get a little balance, because his fans really LOVE Reagan, almost as much as his enemies really HATE him. Choose sources wisely.

Now, my list, as of this morning. I expect:

A: That the news media will continue to lie in order to paint as grim a picture as possible because their team didn’t win. Fish in a barrel – could already be checked off, but I think I’ll graciously allow for a cool-down period, not that I expect much cooling down.  Before the NYT could even deign to call the election for Trump, reports of ‘protests’ were already dotting the newsfeeds. These were ‘protests’ that involved setting stuff on fire, which looks a little more like ‘riots’ than ‘protests’. But it seems the ‘protesters’ haven’t yet burned down any cars or buildings, or beaten anyone up – at least, as far as I could find – so we’ll let it pass.

Just FYI for future reference: a protest is something like a march or demonstration; a riot is when people start destroying property or hurting each other. Calling a riot a protest is what we sane people call ‘lying’.

B: That Clinton and most of the administration and maybe a bunch of people back in Chicago will get preemptively pardoned by Obama, probably sooner rather than later. People who think Hillary will be thrown in jail have not looked at history nor the implications of the current situation: if Obama lets Clinton go down, she or somebody close to her is as likely as not to take as many people down with her as possible. Other people still with power are very, very uncomfortable with this.

This cesspool has no bottom – going back a mere 25 years, Fred Roti, a known mafioso, was running Chicago as the Outfit’s guy from his position as 1st district Alderman. He ‘mentored’ many people in key positions there, including people who went on to help Obama get elected and served in his administration.

Now, theoretical question: what sort of people do mafiosos help obtain positions of power? Law abiding citizens who might turn on them out of the sheer goodness of their hearts? Or, rather, people they can count on to do the right thing when the time comes – people, in other words, on whom they have dirt, know where the bodies are buried and how their kids get to school?

The FBI has long been a weak link in this picture – they were more likely to have hard to corrupt zealots who were crazy enough to go after the big fish (the FBI eventually got Roti, after 20 years of trying, Capone style).  So high on Obama’s list is getting all this investigation activity to die down and stay dead. The pressure on the FBI must be incredible.

Unless they think they can get away with throwing Hillary under the bus – they’d really enjoy that, but I can’t imagine how they’d get away with it.

C: That Trump will do a few things that demonstrably help the economy.

D: That Trump will rescind a bunch of executive orders.

And, frankly, for the moment, that’s about it. I suspect or maybe hope a number of other things will come to pass, but don’t know how I’d document them, other than to say he appointed people or passed laws this or that group liked – the awkward reality is that most appointments and laws take years to play out, before you can see what actually happens. Maybe someone, a Trumpeteer, would like to turn all his campaign promises into a list and see if they can check them off – that would be good. And a Hillaroid could do the same with all the predictions of doom. It should be done. That’s not where I’m coming from, however.


  1. Why, I’ve long asked, are *parties* on the primary ballots? Why do we, the people, allow and even pay for parties – an idea with no presence at all in the Constitution – to use our voting process for choosing what candidates they want to run? That’s their business, to do and pay for however they see fit. There’s nothing sacred – not to mention nothing legal,  reasonable or constitutional – about the Red Sox and Yankees – I mean, the Democrats and Republicans – that entitles them to use *our* democratic machinery for their purposes. It gives them a status and advantages that are then used as Washington describes above. That we take it for granted and shrug it off just shows how far we’ve departed from the idea of government of, by, and for the People.
  2. Retroactively, his enemies pointed to Reagan’s admittedly dubious activities in Latin America – but I sure don’t remember that being made a prediction before the first election. Rather, as nothing else we’d been warned would befall us came about, his enemies shifted focus to something that did happen that they didn’t like. I note in passing that nothing North or Reagan were accused of doing is 1/10th as bad as what few dispute HRC actually did. Times change.

Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

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