Monday Morning Flash Fiction

(Please forgive me…)

As she settled back into the control pod and closed her eyes, Sr. Mary Joseph, O.P. felt her senses merge with the Array and extend outward, touching and possessing the ion cannons atop Castel Sant’Angelo. The physical attack is always, in the end, a distraction, she thought, even in war. Responding to her will, the cannons fired, dimming lights throughout the Municipio I, reducing the incoming Rods of God  into a rain of tiny flash-cooled drops of tungsten.

The bulk of her attention, however, was on monitoring the Vatican’s black ice. There you are, thought the elderly religious, spotting a cleverly concealed virus packaged within the low level routing data on some routine diplomatic correspondence.

Gracious! she thought, somebody is behaving very badly! She deployed countermeasures.

Continents away, a roomful of hardware began to smolder, then burst into flames. Two operators, fleeing the growing inferno, escaped with their lives but earned themselves a week’s worth of splitting headaches. “How?” muttered one shaken neo- Pelagian, a drop of blood evident on the hands he held over his ears. 

“Sorry, boys, but you aren’t allowed in here,” Sr. Mary Joseph said aloud to the men she ‘saw’ through Array. She fired off a quick Ave for their souls. Although she never enjoyed hurting people, she had found to her surprise she really liked her job. Nothing like the teaching she had signed up for. And all because she’d volunteered to run the AV at St. Hyacinth’s all those years ago…

Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

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