Mission: Hat – accomplished; The World Still Needs Some Work

Yes, they do have some nice hats in the Mall of America:


The hat in its natural environment, in situ, fulfilling it final cause, and all that. This is the first and, one can only hope, the last selfie and picture of me to besmirch this blog.

It is a nice hat. Not too tall (an issue with others) and fit very nicely (a problem with shorter hats and my head, evidently). Neutral grey, the band is nice but unobtrusive. The only problem with it so far: I’m getting a serious ‘I need a new sports coat, and a maybe new suit’ jones, because of how good they’d look with the hat.

I’m a guy, so fashion rates just below toenail care on my to-do list, and my toenails are an embarrassment. Twice I have noticed men’s fashion, both times in movies – the first classroom scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark – Indiana Jones looked *sharp* – and in The Untouchables:

Image result for The Untouchables movie

Those are some nattily attired thugs. Capone’s overcoat is awesome. I mourn – briefly – that I don’t live anywhere an overcoat will ever be required.

The US Treasury Department must have given out some seriously excessive clothing allowances: (1)

Image result for The Untouchables movie

And, of course, it’s nice hats all around.

My hat situation is now satisfactorily resolved: floppy wide-brimmed washable work hat for the yard, vaguely safari-style hat for walks, and a lovely grey felt fedora for more formal occasions, if any.

The world, however, remains a mess. I picked up this free t-shirt today:


Seriously doubt I’ll ever wear it, but it’s hard not to sympathize with the sentiment.

Thus ends what I intend to be my last post on clothing, ever, to go with my one post on sports and cats into blog oblivion.

  1. Google reveals that there is apparently some controversy over the suits – Armani supplied some, but mostly they were authentic ’30s suits or replicas thereof. Elliot Ness didn’t really have to buy Armani suits on a government salary.

Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

2 thoughts on “Mission: Hat – accomplished; The World Still Needs Some Work”

    1. Basil Rathbone would be a way cooler dude to look like. The chin and nose I can kind of see.

      Be that as it may, for the last 10 years or so, I have been regularly stopped on the street and asked by strangers if anyone had ever told me I look like Tony Soprano. Once I found out who Tony Soprano was, I’d say ‘yes, but he’s much nicer than I am’. Once the actor died, I started saying ‘It’s easy to tell us apart – I’m still alive.’ I kind of get it in a general way – our baldness and the basic shapes of our faces are the same – but, no, I don’t really look like Tony Soprano. Except many seem to think I do.

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