Mall of America

First impression: this place will make an interesting ruin in about a decade or two.

Next: the “we are not in the bay area anymore” moment: had to hunt for a coffee place, and their question was “do you want light roast or medium roast?” While not having to deal with the guy in front of you wanting a half soy half 2% milk half caf no foam, light dash of almond latte is a relief, I kind of like my coffee strong. You know?

Haven’t spotted a good hat yet, but hey, I haven’t even had coffee yet! And one cup of medium roast may not be enough!


Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

4 thoughts on “Mall of America”

  1. this place will make an interesting ruin in about a decade or two.

    Really? You think this place is going to be abandoned and out of use in 20 years? I know things will get dark if Trump or Hillary is elected but THAT dark?? 😉

    1. The life expectancy of a typical office building is about 40 years. All those office parks built in the 70s and 80s are hitting the point where tearing them down is more cost-efficient than repairing them.

      I’m guessing the math isn’t much better for giant shopping malls. Is this location so special that in 20 years they’re going to spend the millions and millions of dollars to fix it up? Or are they going to simply move on to some other place and build a new state of the art one? There are abandoned malls all over America.

      1. Ok, just curious if you meant to type centuries. Or a battlefield earth reference.

        In my hometown, we have one “old mall” that’s something of a slight office park nowadays, but the main central mall has been around… probably for over 20 years now (as far back as I remember, it may be way older than that).

      2. The Empire State Building and, for that matter, the Uffizi, have been around for 80 and 450 years, respectively, so quality does matter – and, they are both landmarks that the locals would be willing to pay not to have torn down. OTOH, there are some office buildings in Newport Beach (that I happen to know about because my dad’s shop made the fascia for them back in the early 70s) that began to rust out in the 90s (salt air environment) but the owners decided to fix them, so they’re still there – but if they start rusting again…? All the electrical and plumbing are run of the mill 70s stuff, unless they were upgraded to 90s stuff – still, antiques by modern standards. And they’re nothing much to look at.

        I’m not impressed that the MoA is some sort of superior construction nor such a landmark that the locals (where? suburbia starts about a mile away, and there’s no evident urban center here) will raise a stink to prevent it from being torn down. A lot can change in 20 years.

        On the plus side, imagine what a great setting for a dystopian cyber-punk-ish movie. The Raddison would make a decent lair with a little mod, and that amusement park screams cat and mouse chase scene, with snow wafting down from the broken roof and rust streaking all the roller coasters…

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