I Want These!

Both for their very stylish artwork and the not so subtle socio-political statements. From the Wright Stuff shop on Zazzle:


(Found here)

We are awake in this hellish Night Land, surrounded by degenerate lying Night Hounds and Abhumans, lured to our doom by the vile House of Silence under the unsleeping eyes of the Watching Things. We can’t step outside our Redoubt unless we are well Prepared. Everything points to our eventual extermination – yet we, awake,  hope.


Escape the Dark Tower! T-Shirt

(Found here)

The Dark Tower, with its weary determinism and vile minions, wants us to believe in Progress All is Fated, that we are doomed to live lives as they say, with no chance at freedom, that all struggle against our dark fate is merely calling down the wrath of the Tower, which will increase our suffering at their hands. But we know that the Dark Astrologers cannot see past an act of virtue, of bravery, love, or hope! All good acts are free, and confound and infuriate the Tower! Let us call on our God and smite the Tower in his Name! Escape the Dark Tower!

Or they’re just cool-cat t-shirts, take your pick from them or the dozens of other Wright Stuff merchandise. I myself know what I’m getting for Christmas – already sent my beloved the email.

Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

4 thoughts on “I Want These!”

  1. Every now and then I’ll read through some of John C. Wright’s stuff and think, “Okay, this might be blasphemy, but…is he a LITTLE overrated?”

    I feel that way occasionally reading “One Bright Star”, the Everness books, certain parts of “Iron Chamber of Memory”, the Golden Age series that I don’t understand a word of, and especially “Somewhither”, which I think is highly imaginative but has one of my all-time least favorite protagonists and love interests.

    …And then I read “Awake in the Night Land” and “Pale Realms of Shade” and think, “No, he is very much NOT overrated.”

    1. I get it. Sometimes – Eschaton & Golden Age do this – I wish he’d stop and write the 2+ novels a normal author would write based on the new ideas he introduces each chapter, instead of blasting head-spinningly on. NIght Lands is one of my all-time favs; Somewhither I liked OK but parts of it wore me out; Feast & Seasons was mostly awesome; certain parts of Eschaton are too much, others mind-bending. Metachronopolis didn’t do it for me; the ending of Iron Chamber saved it for me, but the endless temptation and set-up scenes made me a might twitchy.

      What makes him great for me: he consistently blows my mind. Vance & Cordwainer Smith consistently blow my mind; Heinlein and Asimov blew my 13-year-old mind, my old-guy mind not so much.

      1. Asimov I don’t like because he’s mind-blowing, but because he’s clever; perhaps that’s why he still holds up well to me.

        I did love “Metachronopolis”, though in retrospect “The Plural of Helen of Troy” gets a bit confusing in the middle (LOVED “Murder in Metachronoplis” though).

        “Awake in the Night Land” is one of very few books that improved to me upon a re-read. I originally ranked it an eight of ten. Now it’s a ten of ten and one of the best books I’ve ever read. Every time I get tempted to move Wright down my favorite authors list I think of that book.

        That happened with Nick Cole’s Wasteland Saga. I finished it – it was wonderful – and thought “Wow. I’m not sure if even John has written anything this good”.

        And then I remember that “Awake in the Night Land” is a near-unequaled masterpiece and said “Never mind”.

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