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As mentioned earlier, in a fit of not exactly sure what, I volunteered to lead a discussion group at our parish, and the pastor and parish administrator surprised me and said yes. First meeting was this past Thursday, the Feast of the Nativity of Mary. About 28 people showed up, 20 of whom signed in. It went well, for the first meeting of a new program I’m making up as we go along. I’m putting together a blog/website: Feasts & Faith. All the materials, plus links to sources, will be posted there.

I mention this to explain why I’m not posting here more. Other reasons: the shingles hurt, and won’t go away. Sure, I’m only 2.5 weeks into a 2-4 week disease, so it’s not unusual for it to hang out for maybe another 10 days. Vicodin is good, but I don’t want to pop ’em like candy – just use them at night so I can sleep.

But really, I’ve got like another 7 or 8 drafts of posts pending, that just need a little something to meet my (really pretty low) standards of blogability. And I have read a bunch of books, to add to the pile of ‘books I’ve read and would like to review’: Thomas More’s Utopia, John C. Wright’s Swan Knight’s Son, most of Gulliver’s Travels, Forming Intentional Disciples, Chesterton’s Tremendous Trifles, and I think I’m forgetting a couple. Working on Brian Niemeier’s Dragon Award winning novel Souldancer now, will probably take me a while. And all kinds of Wright, Flynn and Wolfe beckon from The Pile…

I’ve also got not one but two epic home improvement projects going on at the same time, both outdoors just as the post-work daylight is starting to get scarce. To make it even crazier, I’m once again haunted by thoughts of the stories *I* want to write. So far, it’s like Mark Twain said about exercise – I should probably just lie down till it goes away. So far, that’s worked depressingly well…

I have one draft post in particular, that’s sat there for a month now, on an article in fivethirtyeight that is a particularly egregious example of apologetics for the pseudosciences of sociology and psychology caught, once again, with their pants down. I got to the point where some actual research wants to be done, like visit a physical library/college bookstore type stuff. The soothing noises emitted by all the Usual Sources whenever events make it unavoidable to honestly conclude that the Soft Sciences (sic) can make no legitimate claims on our loyalty are as predictable as the sunrise: Science is hard! Look! Self-correcting! Can’t stop now! Because people just barely might notice that these same frauds are responsible for all the ‘discoveries’ that have made sexual perversions the new normal.

Barely possible. Our well-schooled population, which tries to please teacher by proper regurgitation of the expected answers, is about as likely to notice as Pavlov’s dog is to suffer dry mouth. How much nonsense can our training accommodate? Don’t answer that! I don’t think I want to know. The experiment is still running. For now.



Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

2 thoughts on “Updates, News, Sheepishness”

  1. Shingles are bad. Get well soon, Joseph, or risk getting post-herpetic neuralgia (yikes). That can last months. Beware vicodin — use with extreme caution — an effective but addictive opioid. I know strong individuals who said that stuff created a desire for more.

    Dare I ask about a shingles/chicken pox vaccine? That is a rare topic you and I would probably not agree on. I mean Hep. B vaccines for newborns? There’s some pseudoscience. Check out the method of getting Hep. B and tell me what the risk is to newborns? It’s like Gardisil. It is prophylaxis for future incontinent sexual behavior. We water at the mouth Pavlovianly over this science without question. Anti-vaxxer is a greater slur than Holocaust denier.

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