Today’s Adventures in Brainwashing

So the Caboose, otherwise known as Youngest Son, age 12, signs up for a week-long summer camp in Berkeley/Oakland. It involves running around outside and stuff that sounded like fun. So far so good.

It also, as became evident yesterday, involves attempted brainwashing, to wit: children and counselors are instructed to introduce themselves – and state their preferred personal pronoun. Then, if one were to slip up and use the obvious correct pronoun when somebody had stated he wanted some other pronoun, you are instructed to say, not ‘sorry’ but something along the lines of ‘I will try to do better.’

Now, the flaw, from the perpetrator’s’ perspective, is that, even in such an Orwellian wasteland as Berkeley, any remotely random set of kids of any reasonable size is going to consist of boys and girls who, you’ll be shocked to hear, understand that they are, respectively, boys and girls. And thus they stated their names and preferred pronouns.

Since this would obviously not do, as the goal of the perpetrators is to enure their tender young charges to sexual reality insofar as won’t get them righteously sued, jailed or driven out of business, one of the counselors said his preferred pronoun was ‘they’. Right. Such a brave pioneer.

I didn’t see this personally – my wife filled out the paperwork – but evidently the sign-up package includes epic, eye-roll inducing, just how clueless can you be ‘we will not tolerate intolerance!’  language.

So, of course, yesterday, my son is relaying part of a story told by Mr. They to another counselor, and referred to esteemed Mr. Plural Pronoun, correctly, as ‘he’.

Ah! A teaching moment! A very nice young lady (by my son’s account) stopped and ‘corrected’ him, and instructed him to say that he would try to do better.

To my son’s eternal glory and my endless fatherly pride, he said ‘no’. After a little light wheedling, the counselor gave up – called for a temporary cease fire, more likely – once it became apparent that my son was getting upset and wouldn’t budge.

Upon hearing this, I of course told my son he was free to drop the camp (we’re huge, in our family, on giving our kids the opportunity to work stuff out themselves, so I didn’t go all ‘you’re never going back to that P.C.cesspit again!). To my surprise, he said that the program itself was getting good, and a couple of his friends would be there and he didn’t want to abandon them, so he’d go today and see what happens.

So we will see this evening when he comes back how it went. Since Social Justice Zealots tend to be as implacable as they are clueless, I’d say there is only a tiny chance they will let it go. We will see.

There will, I am told, be post-camp evaluations to fill out. If so, I will post my reply here. It will be as epic as I can make it.

Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

4 thoughts on “Today’s Adventures in Brainwashing”

  1. My, oh my. I am so glad my kids are grown and well adjusted Catholic adults at this point. I do fear for any grandkids that come along however. “P.C.cesspit” is an apt description of the environment they will have to be brought up in.

    1. Started a post, got delayed, then got shingles, of all the darn things! I can verify reports that it hurts like hell. So, short answer: nothing, they left him alone. I would have lost that bet. And we did get a ‘give us your feedback’ email, which I haven’t gotten to yet. Stay tuned…

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