Just FYI: Men and Women

Regarding that IOC rule allowing ‘transgendered’ men to compete in women’s events at the Olympics:

Here’s one of the greatest female athletes around, 6’8″ Brittney Griner, dunking a basketball against other women:

Here is a fairly unknown 5’5″ tall highschool kid dunking a basketball over two defenders:

The kid is 15″ shorter than Ms Griner, yet gets higher over the rim and throws the ball down with greater force.  He moves much more quickly, and it would be surprising if he were not about as strong as she.

There are only a handful of women who can do what Ms. Griner does. There are probably 10 boys across the two teams in the other video of a nothing special high school game who could dunk as well as she, and 5 who would block her dunk attempts into the next county.

A good high school boy’s team could beat the women’s professional All-Star team. Because of kids like this 16 year old…

…who is bigger, stronger, faster and can jump higher than any professional woman basketball player. There’s lots more where he came from. If you made a list of the top basketball players in the world, the top 20,000 or so would be men and boys.

Couple more points:


The boys don’t just have better records, the women’s records wouldn’t likely qualify for the boys state championships – and men college athletes are much better than high school boys, and the Olympic level is way better than that in most cases.

Conclusion: a middling male athlete would utterly dominate just about any women in just about any event where speed and strength are important.

So, as I mentioned in a note to my last post, this should be interesting. Because, as we all know, the reason all the 6’5″ 350 lbs left tackles who can bench press a Buick and yet move like cats in the NFL are male is because of discrimination.



Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

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