Two eBooks Added to the Pile

For the next time I need to get away from reading Education History stuff (real soon, I’m guessing) for the princely total of $4.98:

Brian Niemeier’s 2nd novel, Souldancer, following up where Nethereal left off – basically, in Hell moments after the Universe is saved in a dazzling dramatic climax involving a golden city crumbling to rubble, a ‘temple’ on a mountaintop,  devils and demons, heroic self-sacrifice, space ships, space aliens and dead people – you know, the usual.  I reviewed Nethereal here.

That purchase was predictable, because I’d already read vol 1. The next falls into the category of books I’d be very unlikely to pick up on my own, but will give a spin to based on other considerations. CTRL ALT Revolt! came to my attention via John C. Wright’s blog. Seems an author of post-apocalyptic cyber-punk-ish gamer based sci fi committed a thought crime in a brief opening chapter by depicting abortion as not all sweetness and light, from the point of view of the AI villain. In a work of fiction. Set in a dystopian future. 

A junior editor or something was triggered, it seems. Because it’s too evil to contemplate the possibility that, for the purposes of providing motivation to the bad guy in a story set in a miserable future, abortion might be portrayed as somehow not entirely OK. In a book. A made-up story. Intended to amuse and entertain.  In a genre where people are eaten alive and tortured to death, totalitarian governments murder their own people, entire worlds and galaxies routinely destroyed, people made to fight each other to the death in order not to starve, insects crawl into your ear and control your mind, and worse – and this is in the lighter stuff for general PG audiences! But suggesting that abortion is not OK – in the universe in which this story takes place – that’s so evil as to prompt remedial action, such as not publishing the book.

I read the offending opening chapter. You have got to be kidding me. But no, once you’ve become a made member of the herd of independent thinkers, reactions are as proscribed and automatic as the sunrise. You can read the author’s story here, as well as the opening couple chapters to the book in question. I hope that editor’s lobotomy scars have healed to a cosmetically acceptable level – the pointing and laughing should proceed from purely intellectual motivations. Sheesh.


Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

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