Checking In

Been a while. These last few months were without a doubt the most stressful of my life. The next few promise more of the same. In addition to the three items I’ve mentioned – the death of my sister, the anniversary of my son’s death, and the departure for college of three of our four remaining children – there are three other things that are just as stressful that I am not a liberty to talk about.

I sometimes go from one phone call or email or text trying to deal with issue D directly to another trying to deal with issue E, around and around. Entire days pass wherein I get hardly anything done except working on these problems. I can’t recall another time in my life so full of unhappy things. Suck it up and offer it up is about all I can do. Thank God for my wife and kids!

Anyway, all this really cuts into my blogging. Until recently, it cut into my reading as well, but now it seems I can take some solace in a good book or two. I do not understand how my own mind works in this regard, which is somewhat disconcerting at my age.

The blog draft pile has grown a bit; a sentence or two has been written on the various stories I’m working on; and ideas come and go through the windswept canyons of my brain, but I don’t manage to net any. In a month or two, at least a couple of these issues should be resolved or at least die down a bit – I suppose I’ll get used to palling around with my 11 year old in an otherwise empty house (it should do us both good – he and I are both missing his siblings), memories fade, and a few things that can’t go on forever will end.

Sorry to get all melodramatic. I’d really rather be cheerfully writing about Hegel. Ha.


Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

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