Asbestos Handbasket Sales Reach All Time High

Others have covered the late unpleasantness of our judges appointing themselves legislators (to the cheers of the elected legislators, who are thus relieved from the unpleasant duty of changing laws, which involves all sorts of icky contact with those unsavory voter-people, and as often as not results in handing one’s opponents something to beat them with at the next election).

Thus, representative democracy dies. Of, by and for the people? Please! Our betters have been trying to wean us off that nonsense ever since some wild-eyed radicals proposed it back in the late 1700s – useful, perhaps, in getting people to fight and die to break free from the British Crown, but hardly workable! Are we really to believe that the people of the United States are not only the seat of all legitimate political power in this nation, but – ridiculous! – also *wiser* than the institutions they set up and the people they elect?

No, much better to have 5 of 9 old people educated at 2 almost identical schools* a couple hours drive from each other in the heart of the blue-blooded Yankee homeland make the laws. Somebody has to tell us poor dears what to think.

So the White House is lit with rainbow colors, as a sign that, no matter what issues may divide us, we are still one nation, characterized by humble and brotherly acceptance of each other, despite our flaws. Meanwhile, here in the Bay Area, we’ve gotten ‘spontaneous’ parades and marches. I’m sure that the organizers wrestled with their consciences about not wanting too overt of celebrations, not wanting to offend their fellow Americans who, while they may have been on the wrong side of this issue, will, tomorrow, be showing up at work and family gatherings and need to be treated with respect, so that we can all return to building up our beloved country as brothers. Right? So we settled on jamming the roadways and shutting down the streets for most of today – spontaneously, of course.

Not at all like this:

Others have more ably traced the roots of this latest outrage to the 7th Lambeth Conference, or no-fault divorce or the Pill or whatever, and they have their points. However, none of this works unless you can count on people adhering to the group – a group defined by the government. What we are seeing now is the culmination of a 180 year effort to make Americans reliably fall into step with whatever their betters dictate, on fear of being excluded from the group and thereby losing their very identity. When Horace Mann brought Prussian style schooling to America, he had no interest in the 3 Rs or helping kids reach their potential or any such nonsense – he wanted to reduce us to pliable order-takers. He ran head-on into all that fluff mentioned above: Americans didn’t see themselves as followers of men like Mann. They didn’t see themselves as followers at all. Of, by and for the People, after all. God, Family and Nation – in that order.

So, step by step, God and Family had to go. The chosen tool: schooling. Compulsory, universal education. Religious school were quickly brought to heel. In order to win the battle for their existence, they had to surrender the true war – they had to follow the Prussian graded classroom model, which they do to this day. It took until the 1940s to eliminate the one-room schools, but they got it done. Homeschooling is a bump in the road, but notice how viciously the education establishment attacks it – can’t have a rebirth of loyalty to family and church, not after so much success killing it off.

Then you have to wait a few generations for all who remember what it was like before to die off.

Thus, today, with fitful moments of semi-awareness, we take it for granted that the state raises our children for us – education and morality alike. What is the one question every grade school kid knows the answer to, the first question one kid asks another upon meeting?

“What grade are you in?”

Because it doesn’t matter who your family is, what you may or may not know, but it is of supreme importance that you know your state-determined *place*.

So, today, all the media and government need to establish is that the cool kids all agree that the Supreme Court did the right thing by usurping the legislative power, because the end result was right, and a huge majority of Americans, having learned through 12 or more years of school what it’s like to have the cool kids treat them with disdain, will fall eagerly, fawningly in line. Like, say, WordPress going with the rainbow banner – see, cool kids? They want you to love them!

The next small step, one already taken in principle but in a roundabout way: have the executive declare that his power does not come from the laws themselves, but, like the laws, come from the will of the people. Therefore, if the laws get in the way of the will of the people, he has every right, nay, a duty to ignore them, and do what the people want.

That’s a little history test, right there. Has such a thing ever happened before?

* Yale and Harvard. 9 of 9 Supremes were educated at those two schools. Yay, diversity!

Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

3 thoughts on “Asbestos Handbasket Sales Reach All Time High”

  1. Then you have to wait a few generations for all who remember what it was like before to die off.

    They don’t even have to wait. Just convince the next generation that the previous one has nothing to contribute and you can speed it along.

    We’ve lost trust. It used to be, the old people would trust the young people, to renew & carry along the value system that civilization should endure and remain strong. The young people would trust the old people, to intermix a bit of valuable personal experience with the equally valuable legacy-wisdom, to do something besides just repeat mindlessly what they’d been told back when they were the same age.
    . . .
    A civilization that values its older people will always have to value life. Even if it somehow doesn’t want to do this, it will have no other choice once it makes the decision to honor and respect old people, because we’re all headed in that direction. Conversely, a civilization that reserves all of its respect for the young, will have to place a premium value on death, because that’s the only way anybody is going to stay that way for very long. And of course if nothing is valuable besides whatever is cool, and nothing is cool besides what is new, that makes for an awful lot of wreckage and destruction that’s going to have to be done. And it’s going to have to be done by everyone who wants to matter, and all of the time.

    Not to mention, if youth is valued, then feelings are what matters because that is something which youth has in abundance while knowledge, wisdom, and experience are possessed by the elders in greater abundance. And so that a law, or a decision, or an action might have unintended consequences, or that it might set a dangerous precedent, is not to be bothered with, because it’s more important that we all feel good about what was done, consequences be damned.

  2. Eh, I’m not at all certain something like this wasn’t more or less certain from the Revolution on, possibly from the widespread acceptance of Sola Scriptura. It’s not really that long a road from every man determines the true meaning of Scripture on his own to every person determines xyr own reality, and a society founded on the rightness of rebellion over what were really fairly petty grievances is not going to be well-equipped to oppose the journey.

    Really, the amazing thing is that it took as long as it did.

  3. I agree. The logic of sola scriptura does lead inexorably to destruction of all context outside one’s own head. That the Declaration and Constitution were written within a context of families of established social arrangements would become irrelevant rather quickly.

    What I’m most interested in is how, a year or two ago, there was a huge portion of the population, around 1/2, willing to tell pollsters that they opposed gay marriage, and that that position has plummeted to under 40%, and is heading down with a bullet. Now, I expect exaggeration in the direction desired from pollsters and media reports of polls, but even then, it seems that huge numbers of people are willing to say they believe whatever the cool kids say they need to believe.

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