Mother’s Day at Mass

At Mass today, a nice youngish priest, for whom I am grateful, decided to spent his homily walking about asking people at Mass to comment about their mothers. This priest is studying at the Graduate Theological Union (uh-oh 1) and living on his own outside any community (uh-oh 2). We will charitably assume he’s studying under the Dominicans at the GTU (a bunch of good orthodox guys), and that things will go much better for him once he’s got a supportive community around him.

Anyway, he never wandered over to our part of the church, which meant I was spared the temptation of offering this though in honor of the mothers in my life:

“My beloved mother, may she rest in peace, and my wife, the mother of our children, would both be mortified to think the Eucharist was about them and not Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.”

Ya know?

Update 1: The mothers were in fact called to stand at the end of Mass to get a special blessing. However, right after they stood, the rest of us were also instructed to stand and to place a hand on the shoulder of somebody or other – I wasn’t clear what exactly he wanted us to do, so I just sort of stood there. Then there was a blessing of some sort, not sure it was particularly motherly. Then they remembered there was supposed to be a second collection, and that next week there were going to be goodies for hospitality, and that there were roses for all the mothers, then we sang a hymn and left.

So we got the full ride Mother’s Day experience, I suppose.

Update 2: Irony Immunity – this is also at a church where the kids are all sent out for a special dumbed-down version of the Liturgy of the Word delivered by a catechist. So, the little people that make most of the mothers in the congregations mothers aren’t there for the discussion of mothers.

Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day at Mass”

  1. Ugh. I went to a traditional Latin Mass as usual, and the only special accommodation to Mother’s Day was an announcement that they were selling roses outside the church for the benefit of an organization that helps mothers not abort their babies. Also the homily spoke of the Church as our Mother. That alone made it worth the 30-minute drive each way.

    1. Funny, after that 9:00 Mass 5 minutes away, which I needed to take my daughter to because she had a gig later that day, I had to run a bunch of offspring deliveries (son to Mass, daughter to job) so, I was in the car anyway, I drove 30 minutes to St. Margaret Mary’s in Oakland for the 12:30 Extraordinary form Mass. There we doing 1st communion for about a dozen kids, and had the ‘A’ choir (they have a bunch of choirs) doing polyphony and chant – so, yea, 2 hour Mass with a dozen acolytes and incense and great music washed that earlier experience away.

      And I grabbed a rose on the way out for my wife, who was with her mother (an hour away) . So, good all around!

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