The Current Literary Unpleasantness

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Blame Hegel.

Well, Calvin as re-imagined by Hegel, then filtered and refocused by Marx, then passed on down through generations of ever-lesser minds as if through pipes of ever-decreasing diameter, until you get the gist of the nub spewing out of a plastic straw: The Enlightened get the Big Picture of Oppression, not vouchsafed by any logic or reason, but by the direct and unmediated apprehension of their Enlightened Mind. Propositional Reason,  which is what Hegel calls what any of us lesser people would merely call ‘reason’ or ‘logic’, is for the little people, the unenlightened, those laboring under false consciousness.

The Enlightened just *know*, dude. Any attempts to reason with them is conclusive evidence You Don’t Get It. Through Unmerited Grace (unless they are members of an identified oppressed minority, in which case grace is *totally* merited) they have Seen the Truth, they get the grand Oppressor/Oppressed dialectic that explains and explains away everything. Those predestined to damnation by being members of an oppressor group labor under False Consciousness, and are beyond redemption.

It is not a bug that so called Social Justice Warriors are totally unreasonable – it is a feature. And not just any feature, it’s the feature for which you buy the product – once you’ve bought into an Oppressor/Oppressed dynamic of one sort or another, you never have to think or risk losing an argument again! You don’t even have to suffer the indignity of finding out what your opponents think – you can just tell them what they think! That they will disagree and reject what you tell them they think on the flimsy grounds that it’s not, you know, what they think, is to be totally expected from those unenlightened rubes. They’re Oppressors! Of course they won’t see it!

If you no idea what any of this is all about, follow the link to John C Wright’s blog in my blogroll.

For my part, I am strongly disinclined from getting involved in such stuff, except that authors I respect and whose books and blogs I’ve read are being obviously libeled by people for whom the truth means nothing. You don’t have to guess what they think or say – it’s there for anyone to see.

So I stand with them as honorable, reasonable men and women.

Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

8 thoughts on “The Current Literary Unpleasantness”

  1. All this Sad Puppies stuff lately has really gotten my wannabe-fantasy-author juices flowing. I look at some of these “award-winning” stories and arrogantly think, ‘I could surely do better than THAT.’

    (Not that I’ve ever written anything. Editing MLP fanfiction for a couple years has swelled my head, and between that and the enthusiasm that comes with youth, I naively consider myself an expert on storycraft.)

    I know it’s considered a curse to live in interesting times, but speaking for myself, I wouldn’t be nearly as interested in writing professionally if there were no dragons in the field to slay.

    Probably a sign I’m not cut out for writing, heh.

    1. I feel the same way – I’ve got 3-4 stories and a novel I’m working on in the sense of thinking about maybe writing someday – writing is hard and takes discipline! Whoda thunk it?

      I say: go for it!

  2. I’m taking an Intro to Philosophy class at my community college, and the professor is a self proclaimed Marxist. In every topic, from mind to Knowledge, to the self to God, the man translates EVERYTHING into the oppressed vs the oppressor. I’m looking for some thought on sex, “gender”, and the like, and how he claims that all the standards of human nature are actually social constructs designed by the Powerful to oppress the weak.

    On the bright side, my defending of traditional thought has made me a far better thinker.

    Christi pax.

    1. Like all conspiracy theories, all evidence against Marxism is just reinterpreted as proof it is true. I’ve long thought it evil that Marxists are allowed to teach young people with little if any experience ion philosophy without anyone in the room to challenge their insanity.

      Here’s one point: if human nature is a construct, then what is it that medical research doctors study? Is it magic that the outcome of their studies is often successful treatments, such as antibiotics and vaccines? Because they seem, then, to not only construct a human nature, they then construct an entire physical world in which their constructs work. That’s some mighty superpowers, that.

      Maybe you could ask him to explain how, since the dialectic itself is just another construct, why anyone should take it seriously.

      Nah. You probably need to pass the course.

      1. I’m trying to understand why I should pass such a course. If I am taught a class based on lies, then failing would be a virtue 😉

        I’m tempted to despair. I know through reason and faith (a rational faith) that the world is wrong, and I often have specific arguments and counter-arguments. However, I’m a very sentimental person, and even though I know there is a God and that these moderns are wrong, because of peer pressure and my natural tendency for harmony and (pseudo) compromise, among other things, I often get emotionally worked up and “feel” that I’m wrong, even though I know I’m right. Part of me (the social and emotional part) wants me to be wrong, so that I can sin freely and not be disagree with others (the indoctrination of relativism, perhaps?) I don’t like the strong emotions of the proud moderns: they break my spirit, even if they leave unscratched my reason and my arguments :groan:

        I’m fragmented. The irrational ideas branded into my forehead like the mark of the beast since my youth (I’m only 20) are fighting against my reason and, more importantly, the gift of Grace. It doesn’t help when you’re the only one in the room who is fighting back (all the other soldiers have fallen: I think and feel as though I am the only man left standing! There are few I know who have any love for the Truth, or virtue. My generation was educated by wolves disguised by lambs. And the blind lead the blind…). Is this what Christ felt like while on the path of his execution?

        Blessed Mother, pray for us!

        Christi pax.

      2. Couldn’t you argue that Christianity is a conspiracy theory, reading itself into history?

        But wouldn’t that mean that we can never know the Truth, as we can’t not read a priori assumptions into the world? But we could examine those assumptions…

        The problem with Epicurus, Freud/Fraud, Marx, etc. is that they take a 1/100 of a fraction of the Truth, and try to reduce all of the Truth to that one idea.

        “The prison of one thought.” To those weaker minds, minds that were never educated in basic logical and thinking skills (my entire generation, including me for a time), minds that have short attention spans (who can prove Christianity in a three step arguement? If you can’t, then it obviously is not true :roll eyes:), and minds who are taught to focus on what they think (their theory) vs reality (the facts), an obsessively simple theory such as Marxism can come off as easy, quick, and explaining everything! I’m reminded of the man Chesterton talks about who thinks all men are conspiring against him. You can argue with this man, you have to “open his head and give him air.”

        Christi pax.

      3. Socrates,

        Yes, the other soldiers have fallen, you are probably alone. I pressured my kids (a little) to go to Newman List colleges so that, for at least once in their lives, they would be surrounded by people who didn’t despise and mock their faith. Most colleges are hives of sin and villainy in this respect.

        But don’t despair! The whole trick being played it precisely NOT to reason, but to bring that peer pressure and emotional pressure to bear on you. That’s why they do this to 20 year olds, when we are young and at our most vulnerable. I know I could not stand up to it back then – maybe by the time I was 40 or so, and it’s still hard.

        Just realize that moderns in general and Marxist in particular are *irrational* – there is no argument, it is all about taking the blue pill and swallowing a ‘world view’. There’s no place for evidence, facts, or argument. That’s simply evil – and the devil hates reason, for it leads to the Truth.

      4. Socrates,

        Regarding Christianity as a conspiracy theory: That’s as old as the guards at the tomb getting bribed. Short answer: sure, it *could* be a conspiracy, but only if you make a series of wild assumptions that have No. Evidence. At. All.

        1. That there were, in the first century, a group of highly creative yet utterly coordinated conspirators;
        2. That they gained millions of followers despite promising suffering, death and poverty as the inescapable way to salvation;
        3. That they stuck to their story even as they, themselves, were tortured and murdered;
        4. that they were able to both hide their conspiracy for 2000 years AND leave all sorts of clues lying around for 3rd rate conspiracy theorist to find and totally reconstruct the past from.

        And that’s the minimum – you can get even more devious, such as having 2nd century Greeks make the whole thing up, or the similarly baseless Protestant theory that there was a pure Christianity that corresponds to whatever flavor of Protestantism they espouse that was suppressed and supplanted by Church which, again, was totally competent enough to achieve this suppression but at the same time not competent enough to destroy all the evidence that third-rate conspiracy theorists needed to piece it all together.

        Anyway, I think you know all this. And, yes, GKC’s ‘prison of a single idea’ is one of the topics I write about here. The simplifying assumptions of Marxism and its ilk are always too simple, and lead to making sweeping judgments about people’s thoughts and motivations – and then leads to justifying exterminating them.

        GKC is the general antidote to modern thinking.

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