Kid Stuff & Week in Review

1. While sitting outside a Jamba Juice store, overheard a couple little boys talking with their mom:

Little boy # 1: Mom, when you pass the driving test, do they give you a free car?

Mom: (unintelligible)

LB #1: Then how do you get one?

LB #2; You have to *buy* it!

Life is harsh.

2. Last night, we had a half-dozen or so little boys over for the Caboose’s 11th birthday sleepover, delayed over 3 weeks since his actual birthday due to sickness and scheduling. After extensive trampolining, video-game playing and personal pizza making, the living room was converted into a single massive blanket & sheet fort, and about midnight, kids actually went to sleep. (Sleep? I believe we were made of sterner stuff Back In The Old Days(tm))

This morning, I made the crew pancakes. There was some leftover pizza. A kindly neighbor, who buys a box of donuts for a Saturday morning gathering of Mormons of some sort, brought over the leftovers, as he often does (we’re the neighbor with the most kids around).

So: was little boy heaven achieved? Breakfast of pizza, donuts and pancakes? My wife whipped up a batch of whipped cream to go on, I imagine, the pancakes, but who an I to judge? Here’s a little photographic evidence:

Historic Breakfast
In order: the remains of pizza, syrups, donuts, whipped cream, and pancakes, during a lull in the action.

3. On a somewhat more serious note, someone on Twitter pointed out that 18 minutes of conveniently erased tape was considered damning evidence against Nixon, but now days, years of government emails go missing not once, not twice, but an amazingly coincidental number of times as was required to remove all trace of thousands of IRS and State Depart official records that could have shed some light on certain activities that, on the surface appear to have been, you know, not to put too fine a point on it, traitorously criminal , and – what? We who are curious are somehow the bad guys, while those members of the press who brought down Nixon for far, far less serious crimes(1) are heros to this day? This right here is a farther, faster decent into unchecked government power than even I, at my most curmudgeonly, thought we were now capable of.

4. Finally, I’m of mixed feelings about the following, which appeared in Facebook the other day – it’s illustrative but a little childish. The game is to take spewings from a Social Justice Warrior, and replace their targeted ‘hate group’ with ‘Jews’ and then frame it up (usually with a picture) as something Hitler said. It’s enlightening, I suppose, if one had failed to notice the similarity before – I mean, you either hold individuals accountable (judging by the ‘content of their character’) or you condemn all individuals within a group for the crimes of the group – blacks, say, or capitalists, or men, even.  The first is what we think of as justice – each suffering or rewarded according to his merits – while the second is just tribal bigotry with several coats of Hegelian/Marxist paint on it. I don’t know if funny pictures playing the Hitler card will help, even if they are accurate and justified.

So, I guess I won’t link it here, unless somebody asks.

1. Not that Nixon didn’t deserve what he got, but if cheating to win an election were such a terrible crime, how does any politician from Chicago ever get hold office? Compare this crime with fomenting revolt in foreign governments – that’s what our cheerleading of the ‘Arab Spring’ (how’s that working out, btw?) was, effectively, and having said revolts result in our own diplomats getting murdered by mobs, or using the most coercive and invasive arm of the government – the IRS – to get at your enemies and, well, cheat at an election – and THEN have vast numbers of official government documents (that’s what the emails are, no matter what certain harpies and sirens may claim) be admittedly destroyed – and that’s ok? So OK that only a partisan meanie would even bring it up? That’s Teapot Dome we see receding quickly in the political rear view mirror.

Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

2 thoughts on “Kid Stuff & Week in Review”

  1. Someone said this to me regarding a rewrite of this article with Jews and Aryans:

    “While I disagree with that original article, I also disagree that the find and replace says anything. Take the original article and find/replace “men” with “Jews” and it’s neo-Nazi. Replace it with “socialists” and it’s conservative. Replace it with “Fundamentalist Christians” and it’s regular-flavor liberal.”

    I thought it was an interesting point.

    1. Well, while I agree it’s fundamentally a silly game, I doubt it’s completely symmetrical – for example, here, :

      “One of my Federalist colleagues recently observed that, “When I write pieces that upset liberals, I get angry, personal hate mail. When I write pieces that upset social conservatives, I most often get this: ‘I appreciate your well written article and I will pray for you, sir, that you will find the God who loves you.’”

      This absolutely tracks with my experience—and as an atheist, I’ve got a certain track record of writing pieces that upset religious readers. I get the occasional angry or dismissive comment, but on the whole the reaction is an almost annoying amount of Christian charity. Not so when I take on, say, the environmentalists.”

      So I doubt you’d get exactly the same kind of stuff if you switched it around.

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