Higher Education Update: Home Front

Sometimes life is laid out for you.TMC

Today, younger daughter got an acceptance letter from Thomas More College of Liberal Arts, a Newman list Great Books school in New Hampshire. A few weeks ago, middle son got his from Thomas Aquinas. For the fall semester, daddy will be putting *3* kids through college at once, at 3 different Newman list colleges – Thomas More, Thomas Aquinas, Benedictine.

BCOlder daughter is set to graduate from Benedictine in January, so having 3 at once will only be for a semester – thank goodness. Once we had our first 4 kids at 2 year intervals, I knew the day was coming when there would be 2 kids in college at the same time. I also knew I was pushing them away from secular schools – anything with a ‘studies’ department of any kind is right out. Fortunately, we’ve been blessed with a good solid career, so we won’t be going into nice vacation home levels of additional debt – just a couple nice cars level. Sheesh.

TACThis leaves the Caboose, who just turned 11. If things work correctly, we’ll have a couple three years to recover after the middle kids graduate. After the trailing child gets through, I can theoretically retire. And I won’t quite be 70.

It does make me happy to be able to get good educations for the kids (3 out of 4 chose Great Books schools – wonder how that happened?) and I do think that we’re ‘supporting the work of the Church’ when we send our kids to orthodox Catholic colleges.

Now it’s up to them. As Cardinal O’Brein said at TAC graduation last year, it’s their job to save Christendom. If lucky, I’ll get to live just long enough to see the tide turn. Let us pray.


Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

2 thoughts on “Higher Education Update: Home Front”

  1. We were bracing for our “two-at-once” year this year. But my younger one saved us by getting a full scholarship, praise God.

    1. Lucky you! Or blessed you! That is excellent.

      Older daughter did get about a third of her costs covered by scholarship, and we’re looking into whatever can be got for #s 3 & 4, scholarship-wise. However, any way we slice it, it’s still going to be dear.

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