Pope Confirms Church’s Position on Martyrdom

Let’s see:

We’re OK with turning the other cheek, giving our cloak to someone who asks, walking the extra mile, hating father and mother, sister and brother for the sake of Christ;

We’re OK with being forgiven to the degree we forgive others, as Jesus forgave the people who had tortured Him and nailed him to a cross;

We’re OK with the possibility that everything we have – possessions, friends, family, children, social position, respect – might be demanded of us in the name of Christ at any time;

We’re OK that with the command that, if confronted with the choice of denying Christ or dying a horrible death, we choose death.

But the idea that we might have to refrain from sex once in a while with the person we’re married to – that’s an outrageous demand! A reasonable person would leave a Church that requires all those other things listed above over the ‘no contraceptives’ rule?

I think I’m seeing a little ‘unclear on the concept’ here.


Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

3 thoughts on “Pope Confirms Church’s Position on Martyrdom”

  1. Oops! All corrections gratefully accepted.

    Oh, there was a bunch of hand-wringing on the interwebs over the Pope recently confirming that artificial contraceptives were still a no-no. I merely point out that, of the difficult teachings of the Church, this is hardly the most difficult.

  2. You laid it out fairly simply, Mr Moore.

    Let me dumb it down even further for those who do not approve of the “magic fairy-man in the sky,” aka God, or his Earthly representatives dictating the keep it in your pants ideology. If you don’t like those rules don’t listen and leave the Church, it’s probably not for you.Then you don’t have to worry or hand-wring over things that are fairly simple to follow. You probably don’t have the maturity to be dealing with this sort of “complicated” edict anyways.

    See you when you grow-up…or not.

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