Plans, Backlog, Reality: The Blogging Life

Yesterday, took a few minutes to look over my Drafts file for this blog. 50 items. Took a literary weed-whacker to it, and ended up with – 40.


And, I often start stuff in Word as well, to be copied over when finished. Haven’t looked at those – at least another half dozen, I’d guess. Got to do that sometimes.

Some of the purged items were stuff I must have had some ideas for, had typed a couple sentences, no doubt thinking they were sufficient to capture the essence, to remind me of what I was thinking – but, didn’t work. Had no idea upon reading the sentence or two what it was that I thought was important enough to blog about that those sentences were meant to suggest. Oh, well, out they went.

A couple items were ideas I’d changed my mind on – I’d written far enough to realize I’m wrong (amazing, isn’t is? but it happens once in a while) or that there was no way to say what I was thinking that would come off as non-stupid – perhaps because what I was trying to say was stupid, but I’ll entertain other options, if any.

A couple were just titles, or just a single phrase – nope, no hope of recalling what those were about, out they went.

What’s left is largely Part II, or 3 or something of series I’ve started. I get these dander-upping ideas, usually around Wrong Thinking that has appeared on the internet that Needs Correction, and I can’t possibly say it in a single blog post, so I start and call it Part 1, then maybe get to part 2 or so, then maybe a shiny object moves into view, or my dander self-settles somewhat, and – well, that’s how you end up with 40+ drafts.

We will here conclude this fascinating – fascinating, I tell you! – post with a little update:

Set Hegel aside (a little goes a long way – it’s like *work* to read that stuff!) to read Awake in the Night Land by John C Wright, because that’s fun. Will have a review shortly.

If the Dismal Science is your cup of tea, there are a couple posts on economics, in a couple different series I’ve started, that are close, that I hope (ha!) to finish up soon.

I’ve got this Population Math thing that’s been rattling around in my head for a couple years now that needs to be written. Was recently motivated to work on it when a relative, with one of those ‘this should shut him up!’ deliveries, stated that the fact that the population had doubled in less than 30 years is something we should be worried about. While there are a couple good answers to that, the one to start with is just math and logic: unless you want to start gassing millions, it will take 3 or 4 generations for changes in birth rate to work their way through the gross population totals – because people now days commonly live 70 – 80 years, long enough for their replacement-rate children to produce replacement-rate children of their own, and maybe even for those replacement-rate grandchildren to produce their replacements as well. So, if everybody simultaneously decided that, as a whole, they would produce at replacement rate, it would be about 60 – 80 years before the total population would peak, during which time the total population might well quadruple – because people keep insisting on living. So, we’re heading for the peak in around 40 years, because around 40 years ago the idea that 0, 1 or 2 children is the most desirable number became very widespread worldwide. After which the most likely thing is for the population to start falling, because, as Tacitus put it, the appeal of childlessness is great.

Anyway, got charts and graphs in mind. Don’t know if any people are interested in being convinced. Will take – wait for it – several posts to cover.

Aaaaand – working on another essay and a couple short stories for publication, for all values of ‘working on’ that equal ‘thinking I should maybe write some more’.

In short, I’m never emptying the queue, I need to wake up and smell the hot brewed beverage.


Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

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