The Paris Massacre

Sarah Hoyt about sums it up in her Je Suis Charlie post.

We free men mourn the staff of Charlie Hebdo. We might not have agreed with them on most things, but they were our brothers and sisters, unafraid in the face of threats or attacks.

Rest in peace and may free men remember them and honor them. And may their example light the path.

ONLY speaking unafraid and confronting the worst movements with unbended knee will we reform the tyranny that holds most Muslims in subjection. Only knowing they’re beyond the pale will bring reform. And only then will there be peace.

Read it all.

And, from LIBERAL DHIMMITUDE: 12 SIGNS YOU’RE PART OF THE PROBLEM, a general review of the odd things one needs to think in order to say the idiotic and evil things people keep saying – like that Charlie Hebdo *provoked* this attack, or expressing fear of a backlash against Muslims, or stating that gunning down unarmed civilians is *just like* all the mean things Christians do – this little bit that’s so glaringly obvious that it takes truly special mental effort to miss it, meaning of course that it’s widely missed:

Let’s cut the crap. Muslims have thrown up a couple of nice mosques, but compared to the cultural riches of the west, Islam’s reputation for art and culture is questionable at best — and hysterically over-rated by western liberals. I’ll take Wagner, Bernini, Shakespeare, and Rembrandt over a troupe of whirling dervishes any day of the week.

The true nature of Islam is revealed, not in the occasional nice mosque, but in the wretched, barbaric conditions experienced by 99% or so of the people that live wherever it is dominant, excepting that, in places with oil, maybe it’s only 80%, as long as we ignore the whole ‘treated as rights-free cattle’ aspect. I’ll only add that there’s dozens of sets of 4 great western artists I’d take – as anyone with the ability to be touched by beauty at all would take – over anything and everything Islam has produced in art and culture. Mine might start with Dante, Beethoven, Botticelli and Michelangelo. Or Cervantes, Vittoria, Giotto and Brunelleschi. Or – you get the picture.

May the souls of the murdered rest in peace. Amen.


Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

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