“I Love Our Family!”

DASH: …aced those guys that tried to kill us! That was the best vacation ever! I love our family.

This year, we broke with tradition and opened presents today, instead of the 6th, Epiphany, because Eldest Daughter is catching a plane for Orlando in the morning to go on some Benedictine College sponsored singing cruise/tour. We all wanted her to be there.

So, what kind of gifts do my kids give each other and me? Glad you asked:

From Younger Daughter, I got a Duck Dynasty apron.Why, I’m not sure, but I’ll be wearing it around the kitchen from here on, instead of the Darth Vader apron I’ve been appropriating from Middle Son for the last several months.

Youngest Son found these at a garage sale: Lincoln Cents

The funny thing is, I stopped collecting when I was maybe 11 or so – but I had the 1st and 2nd sets almost complete (why do they even have a slot for a 1909 s VDB? Like a kid is a) going to find one; and b) stick it in a cardboard folder if he did.) I still have my old sets someplace.

But the third set starts in 1975, when I was in high school and no longer collected – and the one he gave me is, not surprisingly, almost complete. So it turns out to be a very cool gift – I now own a nearly complete set of Lincoln cents.

My Beloved gave me a compilation from the 1950s of “This, I Believe” interviews, which is both interesting and sort of a scream: for years, I’ve been quoting the protagonist in Walker Percy’s “The Moviegoer”, whose comment on the show was: “I believe in a good kick in the ass. This—I believe.” (I substitute ‘pants’ for ‘ass’ around the kids.)

But the winner may be this, also from my wife:

Practical English full

Here’s a clearer image of the cover text:

Pratical EnglishIt is a boxed set of little pamphlets published in Chicago in 1935, to help people improve their use of English. It contains, for example:

The Eight Parts of Speech

1. All names of persons, places, things, are NOUNS,

As Caesar, Rome and kings.

2. Pronouns are used in place of nouns;

My thought, her work, your frowns.

3. When the kind you wish to state,

Use an ADJECTIVE, as great.

4. But if of manner you would tell,

Use ADVERBS, such as slowly, well. 

To find an adverb, this test try,

Ask how, or when, or where, or why.

5. PREPOSITIONS show relation,

As with respect, or in our nation.

6. CONJUNCTIONS, as their name implies

Are joining words; they are the ties

That bind together day and night,

Calm but cold, dull or bright.

7. Next we have the VERBS which tell

Of action, being and state as well.

To work, succeed, achieve, and curb

Each one of these is called a VERB.

8. The INTERJECTIONS show surprise,

As Oh! Alas! Ah me! How wise!

Thus briefly does this jingle state

the PARTS OF SPEECH, which total 8.

It’s actually very good stuff, from what I’ve skimmed – old school, hard core Strunk & White style admonitions.

Anyway, a lot of hand-made items changed hands – Oldest Daughter knitted one-piece caps & scarves, where the scarf attaches seamlessly to the back of the cap – a cool look. Lots of fun. Hope you had a Happy New Year’s day, too!



Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

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