And on a Minor Note of Cosmic Importance:

Issue #3 of the Sci Phi Journal is out! You can get it at Amazon now, and eventually at  Castalia House (link is to the general vicinity of where you’d find it.)

While of course you should buy this issue right now because in it continues the high standards and entertainment value of the previous issues, there is yet one additional reason you should buy it right now:


Yes, right there on the cover, in among the real writers, it’s – ME. There’s an essay on the philosophy of the Matrix Trilogy right there in the magazine, written by me, of all people! So, buy this magazine now!

What are you waiting for? $3.99 – what a deal. More entertainment for the buck than anything George Lucas has done in 30 years. For example.

One last thing, in which I demonstrate what an arrested adolescent I am*: I got a major thrill out of calling PayPal, where I needed to explain to the inordinately cheery young lady on the phone what I needed help with: “I’m a writer, and my publisher wants to pay me through PayPal.” Those words *my* lips! Huzzah!

* not to mention how poorly I understand stuff like PayPal


Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

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