20 Questions with the Moores

On the drive back from visiting my sister in Sunnyvale, we played 20 questions. This can be a little different:

We get answers like: “Conceptually? No.”

Or, to the question “Is it worth more than $10,000?” we get, “In nominal terms, perhaps not, but certainly when adjusted for inflation.”

After establishing that the answer was mineral, man-made, mobile, larger than a car, and was not made after 1950, the 10-year old asks: “Is it a cell phone?” He explained that, before 1950, cell phones were bigger than cars and cost way more than $10,000.

Hard to argue with that.

With two questions left, my wife pulls “Is it a steam locomotive?” out of thin air. I have no idea how she guessed it – they weren’t that close. Mind reader.

She is a bit psychic:

Mom: Animal, vegetable or mineral?

Daughter: vegetable.

M: Did we eat it tonight?

D: Yes.

M: Is it heirloom carrots?

D: Yes.

But mostly, simple questions like: is it used for work? or: is it bigger than a loaf of bread? tend to generate philosophic discussions that, on the surface, seem unwarranted. And it’s not even me who starts them, I swear!

Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

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